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更新日 2015-06-15 | 作成日 2008-08-08

Research Activities

Since LEIS was established, then Professor Junsaku Nakamura was the lead researcher in a Kaken B project funded by the Ministry of Education, under the title “Creating of a Corpus for Asian English Textbooks”. Since 2010, as part of the policy to strengthen research in the university, Professor Nakamura started a project under the title “The Construction of a Corpus for Japanese Education and its Application”, and the initial goals were completed in three years.

In addition, in 2010, the second main project of LEIS was launched, which involves the use of brain imaging equipment in a project under the title, “Language and Brain Imaging: Language Maintenance and Attrition”. This was supported from the Education Ministry with a Scientific Research grant (C), and in its fourth year, the project further received a Scientific Research grant (B), and a Challenging Exploratory Research Grant. This allowed the research environment on brain imaging in LEIS to leap forward. kiccampus1.jpg

In 2013, a project under the title “Multiculturalism and Co-existence; a Japanese Language Project” was launched. LEIS faculty members, working with graduate students, started actual education and research activities to consider the needs of people in the field of Japanese education as a foreign language.

All projects are conducted as collaborations between faculty and graduate students, and the results are published in the center’s research bulletin, and elsewhere. Due to this cooperation, the research of students and graduates has been active so that students may continue the research alone, leading to more presentations at conferences. As a repository for this kind of research submission graduates, in 2011 we set up the journal entitled “Working Papers”.