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(Kinugasa)“Black Lives Matter”が本当に意味することとは何か。 /What Does “Black Lives Matter” Actually Mean?



  • 開始2020.07.15 10:30
  • 終了2020.07.15 12:00
  • 会場Online

(English version follows Japanese)






【第1: 動画視聴】


- 日時:712日(日)20:3022:00(日本時間)

- 実施方法:オンライン(Zoom

- 対象:全キャンパス(KIC, BKC, OIC)の全学部生・院生

- 事前申し込み:必要(募集は終了しました。)

- 定員:90

- 使用言語:主に日本語(英語話者も歓迎します。)


【第2: ディスカッション】


- 日時:715日(水)10:30~12:00(日本時間)

- 実施方法:オンライン(Zoom

- 対象:全キャンパス(KIC, BKC, OIC)の全学部生・院生

- 事前申し込み:必要

- 定員:70

- 使用言語:主に日本語(英語話者も歓迎します。)

- ゲストスピーカー:メーカー亜希子さん(ミネソタ州在住 インターカルチュラリスト)










【第1部 動画視聴】申し込みフォーム



【第2部 ディスカッション】申し込みフォーム






Hello, this is Kinugasa BBP Project Team.


How much do you know about racial discrimination, especially against black people, in America that is often featured on media nowadays? A lot of people must have heard of it through TV or SNS. However, some of you might not have understood enough about the backgrounds or have not talked much about the issue.


In response to the Black Lives Matter movement, we are holding an online event to raise better awareness of racial discrimination. We welcome those of you who want to understand what is happening in America, and those who are well aware of the issue and have taken actions against discrimination.


We will offer two sessions for this event: the first one for learning about racial discrimination in America; and the second for having a discussion between the participants and our guest speaker, Dr. Akiko Maeker, an interculturalist based in Minnesota. The participants will have an opportunity to not only “gain” knowledge but also “apply” that knowledge throughout the event.


Session One: Introductory videos

Participants will watch a YouTube talk of Dr. Akiko Maeker and several short video clips of others posted on SNS. This is aimed for participants who want to acquire knowledge on the history and current situation of racial discrimination as essential knowledge for discussion.


- Date: Sunday, July 12, 20:30~22:00 (JST)

- Medium of Communication: Video conferencing (Zoom)

- Target: All undergraduate/graduate students from three campuses (KIC/BKC/OIC)

- Application: Required (Application has been closed.)

- Quota: 90 people

- Language: Mainly Japanese (English speakers are also welcome.)


Session Two: Discussion with Dr. Akiko Maeker

Based on the knowledge and findings from Session One, participants will freely exchange their views with our guest speaker, Dr. Akiko Maeker. The topic is basically free, but we will pose some topics if necessary.


- Date: Wednesday, July 15, 10:30~12:00 (JST)

- Medium of Communication: Video conferencing (Zoom)

- Guest speaker: Akiko Maeker, PhD

Please see her profile at: https://www.interculturalist.com/team

- Target: All undergraduate/graduate students from three campuses (KIC/BKC/OIC)

- Application: Required

- Quota: 70 people

- Language: Mainly Japanese (English speakers are also welcome.)


*You can participate in either one or both of the sessions.

*The medium of language is mainly Japanese; however, English speakers are welcome to join us. Most videos shown in Session One are in English, and Dr. Akiko Maeker is also fluent in both languages.


For participation, please register from the following Google form.

You will receive the detail of how to attend these sessions after the registration.


Session One  Introductory Videos

(Application has been closed.)

Session Two  Discussion



If you have any questions or unclear things, please feel free to ask us at:


Event flyer is HERE

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