Faculty Members

Major in Humanities


  • Toshihiko ISE Professor

    Toshihiko ISE, Professor

    David Hume and philosophy in the modern English-speaking world

  • Takashi KAKUNI Professor

    Takashi KAKUNI, Professor

    The problem of nature in Merleau-Ponty’s late philosophy

  • Hiroyuki KITAO Professor

    Hiroyuki KITAO, Professor

    Research into Kantian ethics

  • Toru TANI Professor

    Toru TANI, Professor

    Phenomenological approach to 21st century problems

  • Daisuke KAMEI Associate Professor

    Daisuke KAMEI, Associate Professor

    The formation and development of Derrida’s thought

  • Yoshinori HAYASHI Associate Professor

    Yoshinori HAYASHI, Associate Professor

    Modern Anglo-American ethics, political philosophy, bioethics, sport ethics

Educational Anthropology

  • Toshiyuki KASUGAI Professor

    Toshiyuki KASUGAI, Professor

    Personality development in adolescence and supportive relationships

  • Yusuke UNO Professor

    Yusuke UNO, Professor

    Transmission of “life” and “soul” in oral children's literature

  • Katsumi TOBINO Professor

    Katsumi TOBINO, Professor

    Human relations in contemporary culture, Humor in education

  • Hiroyuki FUKUHARA Professor

    Hiroyuki FUKUHARA, Professor

    Hypnosis and meditation in education

  • Masateru YAMAMOTO Professor

    Masateru YAMAMOTO, Professor

    An (The) object relations approach to personality structure and psychotherapeutic experience

  • Tomoko KANO Associate Professor

    Tomoko KANO, Associate Professor

    Mind and body education

Japanese Literature

  • Kazunari TAKIMOTO Professor

    Kazunari TAKIMOTO, Professor

    Modern Japanese literature, especially Meiji- and Taisho-period literature

  • Michiaki TAGUCHI Professor

    Michiaki TAGUCHI, Professor

    Modern poetry and criticism, especially research into the Myojo School

  • Shigemi NAKAGAWA Professor

    Shigemi NAKAGAWA, Professor

    Japanese Modernism Literature, Japanese Proletarian Literature, Cultural studies Theory, Gender studies Theory, Queer studies Theory, Travel Writhing Theory.

  • Dai NAKAMOTO Professor

    Dai NAKAMOTO, Professor

    Study on literature and art of the Zen sect in the Muromachi era

  • Ikuyo HANAZAKI Professor

    Ikuyo HANAZAKI, Professor

    Study on modern Japanese literature, especially the post-World War Ⅱ period literature (Shohei Ooka, Yukio Mishima, etc.)

  • Takakazu FUJIWARA Professor

    Takakazu FUJIWARA, Professor

    Research concentration and specialty: from the birth age of Japanese literature through the end of Nara period.

  • Hideki OGURA Professor

    Hideki OGURA, Professor

    Japanese Corpus Linguistics

  • Sachiko KAWASAKI Associate Professor

    Sachiko KAWASAKI, Associate Professor

    Classical Japanese literature, especially Heian-period literature

  • Yoshitada NAITOU Associate Professor

    Yoshitada NAITOU, Associate Professor

    Japanese modern literature, particularly wartime and postwar fiction and criticism.

Chinese Literature and Thought

  • Masaki HAGIWARA Professor

    Masaki HAGIWARA, Professor

    Study on classical Chinese Ci-poetry study on morikawa Chikukei (morikawa ken), a composer of Chinese poems

  • Hiromichi YOSHIMURA Professor

    Hiromichi YOSHIMURA, Professor

    Study on Life and literature of Bai Ju-yi, Bibliography science of Chinese classics

  • Mamiko ISHII, Professor

    Study on ancient Chinese military strategy books

English and American Literature

  • Ryota KANAYAMA Professor

    Ryota KANAYAMA, Professor

    Victorian literature (Charles Dickens, popular theatres)

  • Yoshihisa KAWAGUCHI Professor

    Yoshihisa KAWAGUCHI, Professor

    English literature (Jane Austen, E. M. Forster)

  • Harumi TAKEMURA Professor

    Harumi TAKEMURA, Professor

    Early modern English literature and culture (William Shakespeare, Edmund Spenser)

  • Yuko NAKAGAWA Professor

    Yuko NAKAGAWA, Professor

    19th and 20th century American literature (Henry James, women writers)

  • Kyoko Yoshida  Professor

    Kyoko Yoshida , Professor

    20th century American literature and contemporary fiction in English, Creative writing pedagogy and translation studies

  • Nathaniel PRESTON Professor

    Nathaniel PRESTON, Professor

    19th and 20th century American literature, religion and literature (Walt Whitman, W.E.B. DuBois)

Japanese History

  • Motoaki OZEKI Professor

    Motoaki OZEKI, Professor

    Political history and political thought in modern Japan

  • Nobuhiro KATSURAJIMA Professor

    Nobuhiro KATSURAJIMA, Professor

    History of Tokugawa thought and the history of popular thought

  • Satoshi TANAKA Professor

    Satoshi TANAKA, Professor

    History of the formation of national imagery in Japan (History of northern and southern Japan)

  • Makoto HIGASHIJIMA Professor

    Makoto HIGASHIJIMA, Professor

    Historical sociology, public philosophy and history of medieval Japan

  • Masatsugu HONGO Professor

    Masatsugu HONGO, Professor

    The relation between nation Kingship and religion in ancient Japan

  • Kei MIKAWA Professor

    Kei MIKAWA, Professor

    Political history, urban history and cultural history of medieval Japan

  • Yuko YAMAZAKI Professor

    Yuko YAMAZAKI, Professor

    Japanese administrative structure and bureaucracy in the early Meiji period

  • Soichiro OHTA Associate Professor

    Soichiro OHTA, Associate Professor

    Medieval Japanese History, History of Religions

East Asian History

  • Mitsuyuki INOUE Professor

    Mitsuyuki INOUE, Professor

    Cultural and social history of early-modern China, history of the water environment of northwest China

  • Yuji TAKATORI Professor

    Yuji TAKATORI, Professor

    Ancient history of China, wooden and bamboo slips of ancient China

  • Yasunobu MATSUMOTO Professor

    Yasunobu MATSUMOTO, Professor

    The medieval history of China, the political system of the Tang Dynasty

European and American History

  • Takashi ODAUCHI Professor

    Takashi ODAUCHI, Professor

    Study on religious movements and heresy

  • Hidetoshi TAKAHASHI Professor

    Hidetoshi TAKAHASHI, Professor

    Research into the historical genealogy of modern German society

  • Isao KOBAYASHI Professor

    Isao KOBAYASHI, Professor

    History of the Byzantine Empire (6th to 10th centuries)

  • Takako MORINAGA Professor

    Takako MORINAGA, Professor

    The social and economic history of Russia (18th to 19th centuries)

Modern East Asian Languages and Cultures

  • Yuka ANZAKO Professor

    Yuka ANZAKO, Professor

    Modern Korean history, especially study on the reality of colonial occupation from the perspective of mobilization for war and changes in Korean society

  • Ryuzo UENO Professor

    Ryuzo UENO, Professor

    Study on Chinese entertainment, especially Chinese films (including those of Hong Kong and Taiwan), and Chinese literature

  • Yo UNOKI Professor

    Yo UNOKI, Professor

    Modern Chinese literature, especially cultural criticism in the post-Cultural Revolution period and literature in the period leading to the Cultural Revolution

  • Mitsuaki SASSA Professor

    Mitsuaki SASSA, Professor

    Korean Religious Studies, especially new religious movements in Modern Korea

  • Yusuke MISU Associate Professor

    Yusuke MISU, Associate Professor

    Modern Chinese history from the perspective of classic opera; sexual minorities’ literature and culture

  • Hajime MIYAUCHI Associate Professor

    Hajime MIYAUCHI, Associate Professor

    Historical studies in South China Rural Society and Lineage.

  • Minoru KITAMURA Professor

    Minoru KITAMURA, Professor

    Lectures are offered on the modern history of China, from the collapse of the Qing Dynasty to the present day, in terms of politics, economy and culture.

Language and Area Studies of English Speaking Countries

  • Keiko WELLS Professor

    Keiko WELLS, Professor

    Comparative Study of Oral Traditions and Narratives, American Culture and Literature, Poetry and Song Traditions in English

  • Masashi OKAMOTO Professor

    Masashi OKAMOTO, Professor

    Cognitive linguistics (cognitive pragmatics, rhetorical expression); communication studies (conversation, interaction)

  • Manako OGAWA Professor

    Manako OGAWA, Professor

    American studies (the history of Japan-US relations from the perspective of ordinary people, including those living in fishing villages)

  • Masaki SANO Professor

    Masaki SANO, Professor

    Theoretical linguistics (generative grammar, Japanese/English contrastive linguistics, syntax-semantics interface)

  • Hiroyuki NEMOTO Professor

    Hiroyuki NEMOTO, Professor

    Sociolinguistics, sociocultural theories, L2 academic literacy, TESOL

  • Hiroshi YONEYAMA Professor

    Hiroshi YONEYAMA, Professor

    American studies (the prewar Japanese immigrant community in Los Angeles)

  • Matthew Thomas APPLE Associate Professor

    Matthew Thomas APPLE, Associate Professor

    Second language acquisition : individual differences (personality,characters, speaking anxiety, motivation, learning strategy)

  • Hiroki OKAMOTO Associate Professor

    Hiroki OKAMOTO, Associate Professor

    Medieval English Literature and Language, Medievalism, History of the English Language

  • Fumiko SAKASHITA Associate Professor

    Fumiko SAKASHITA, Associate Professor

    African American history and culture

Cultural Dynamics Studies

  • Takahiro UEDA Professor

    Takahiro UEDA, Professor

    Art history and criticism, Aesthetics

  • Yasuhiko KARASAWA Professor

    Yasuhiko KARASAWA, Professor

    Military history, Philosophy of history

  • Masaki SAKIYAMA Professor

    Masaki SAKIYAMA, Professor

    Modern history of Latin America and its culture and thought

  • Naoto SUDO Professor

    Naoto SUDO, Professor

    Comparative literature and culture of the Pacific

  • Tadao NAKAMURA Professor

    Tadao NAKAMURA, Professor

    Anthropological study of religions in South Asia

  • Takahiro NISHIBAYASHI Professor

    Takahiro NISHIBAYASHI, Professor

    Asian art history

  • Yoichiro HIEDA Professor

    Yoichiro HIEDA, Professor

    Germanic languages

  • Naomi MIYAMOTO Professor

    Naomi MIYAMOTO, Professor

    Sociology of arts, Sociology of culture

  • Tetsuo CHIKAWA Associate Professor

    Tetsuo CHIKAWA, Associate Professor

    17th-century French literature, Dramatic theory, Jesuit Drama

  • Hideyuki DOI Associate Professor

    Hideyuki DOI, Associate Professor

    Italian literature, Contemporary poetry, Japan-Italy relations

  • Asako NAGASAWA Associate Professor

    Asako NAGASAWA, Associate Professor

    Contemporary German philosophy

Major in Informatics of Behavior and Culture


  • Masato IKUTA Professor

    Masato IKUTA, Professor

    Comparative study of metropolitan developments in Asian countries

  • Hideki ENDO Professor

    Hideki ENDO, Professor

    Sociology of Tourism, Sociological Theory, Contemporary Cultural Studies, Social Research Methods

  • Hirofumi KATAHIRA Professor

    Hirofumi KATAHIRA, Professor

    Study on landscape of Kyoto in historical perspective

  • Masahiro KATO Professor

    Masahiro KATO, Professor

    Social geography, urban studies, Okinawan studies

  • Kazuhito KAWASHIMA Professor

    Kazuhito KAWASHIMA, Professor

    Historico-geographical research on universities in Kyoto, casters and blacksmiths in Japan since the 18th century, and the 19th century Ireland

  • Norifumi KAWAHARA Professor

    Norifumi KAWAHARA, Professor

    Modern study of immigration from Japan to Korea to Taiwan and Canada, Historical and geographical studies of fishing

  • Shinji KOGA Professor

    Shinji KOGA, Professor

    Geographical studies on internal structure of urban areas

  • Manabu TAKAHASHI Professor

    Manabu TAKAHASHI, Professor

    Relationships between natural environments and the human lives

  • Tomoki NAKAYA Professor

    Tomoki NAKAYA, Professor

    Geographic information science, mathematical modelling in human geography, geographies of health, crime geography

  • Masami FUJIMAKI Professor

    Masami FUJIMAKI, Professor

    Sociogeographic study of marginalized social groups in Malaysia and Taiwan; tourism studies

  • Keiji YANO Professor

    Keiji YANO, Professor

    Study on urban systems and landscapes using the GIS (geographical information system)

  • kouji KANDA Professor

    kouji KANDA, Professor

    Cultural geography, Tourism geography, Cultural studies, Tourism studies, Spatial theory

  • Kazumasa HANAOKA Professor

    Kazumasa HANAOKA, Professor

    Big data, Census data analysis, Disaster science, Human geography

Digital Humanities for Arts and Cultures

  • Ryo AKAMA Professor

    Ryo AKAMA, Professor

    Digital Archive for Japanese culture and arts. Japanese traditional performing arts, woodblock prints and publication study.

  • Takahiro NISHIBAYASHI Professor

    Takahiro NISHIBAYASHI, Professor

    Asian art history

  • Keiji YANO Professor

    Keiji YANO, Professor

    Study on urban systems and landscapes using the GIS (geographical information system)

  • Toshihiko YUASA Professor

    Toshihiko YUASA, Professor

    Library and information science Roles of publishing business and libraries under a digital environment

  • Naomi KAWASUMI Associate Professor

    Naomi KAWASUMI, Associate Professor

    Study on urban history, environmental history, historical GIS

Asian art history

Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

  • Masaaki KIDACHI Professor

    Masaaki KIDACHI, Professor

    Historical archeology, Experimental archeology,Oral History, Traditional craft

  • Jungyong KO Professor

    Jungyong KO, Professor

    Historical archaeology in Korea

  • Kenichi YANO Professor

    Kenichi YANO, Professor

    Japanese prehistory

  • Tomoko NAGATOMO Professor

    Tomoko NAGATOMO, Professor

    Complex society in Japanese archipelago, Pottery production in Yayoi and Kohun period, comparative archaeology of Japanese archipelago and Korean peninsula

Graduate School of Letters

Graduate School of Letters

  • Shosaku TANAKA Professor

    Shosaku TANAKA, Professor

    Computational linguistics