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Gain skills to write World-class research papers in English ×Student Peer-to-Peer learning

Students in Global Studies major will write their thesis in English, and they need good academic writing skills in English to write a high-quality thesis. Being able to speak good English is not equal to being able to write good papers as there are unique rules for writing research papers, so the College of IR has been supporting students in improving their academic writing skills through the Writing Tutorial Program since Fall 2016. Tutors are senior year students in the College of IR and graduate students who have much experience in writing papers. In one-to-one tutorial sessions, students discuss how to write good research papers with tutors and become better at academic writing.

Benefits of using the Tutorial Program

  • Students can work on the writing assignments in a class with tutors. Most students bring a rough draft to a tutorial session to check if there is any parts which is better to rewrite in terms of the organization, structure, clarity, layout, citation, and way of listing references etc. Tutors give students useful advices and students can rewrite the paper before they submit it to their instructor.
  • Students can book a 45-minute slot on the days they need through a semester. The prior reservation can be made online but the walk-in is also accepted if there is any available slots on the day.
  • Through the conversation and experience with tutors in an open and popular area in Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library, the Peer Learning Room, students can gain skills to become a self-directed writer.

Synergy effect of Students Peer learning

  • In the training with faculty members who are teaching freshmen, tutors learn about the purpose of the program and their roles. Tutors also try role-plays and exchange feedbacks with each other, and they learn how to hold the best tutoring session.
  • Students can receive various advices on writing papers as well as other matters from tutors of different backgrounds as a tutor says, “When I was studying in the USA, there was a similar service, the writing center, and it helped me a lot in writing papers. I would like to make use of my experience.”
  • As a freshman said, “It is great that I can use such a great service for free,” there are students who find the tutoring program beneficial and use it repeatedly whenever there are available slots.
  • According to the survey which targeted students who actually used the tutoring program, 97% answered they would like to continue using the writing tutorial service.
  • Many tutors felt it was rewarding when they worked with students and commented as follows:

“Most students were really friendly, open and interested in getting feedback to help improve their work. I was happy to see several students come back again and again, that proves that they find value in our tutorials. It was clear that some of them were not very confident about their writing at the beginning and if I could see them leave the tutorial more encouraged and confident than before, I considered it a success.”

“It seemed like students were getting clues of writing throughout the sessions.”

“To help others feels good. Especially in something they need and is useful for them. Also, just talking is interesting and their essays as well.”

“I had sessions with a lot of first year students who are very curious about research/writing but don't know how to do it. It feels very rewarding to be the one introducing them to this new world.”

“I can somehow improve my logic.”