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02 23.2018

Career guidance events for international students were held in English

Many international students from various countries like the U.S.A, Canada, U.K, Korea, India, China, Indonesia are learning in the College and Graduate School of International Relations. The Career Center and University Consortium Kyoto held a career guidance session for students who are seeking job in Japan after their graduation.

The Career Center held the program “Working in Japan” by inviting young alumni of the Global Studies major, who are working in Japanese companies now. They encouraged current students to expand their opportunities after introducing their job hunting process and efforts they made such as undertaking Japanese language training, CV writing practice and information gathering.

In the Kyotomorrow Academy guidance, students had an introduction of activities of the program like Japanese training, cultural experiences and internships in Japanese company. Current Academy members explained their experiences too.

By hosting such guidance sessions, the College of IR will support international students who seek job opportunities in Japan.

01 25.2018

【Event Report】International exchange program with diplomats

On Saturday, December 9th 2017, RIRIE (College of IR Students’ group of international exchange) and the College of IR held an international exchange program with 32 diplomats and government employees from various countries and regions who are studying Japanese and Japanese cultures, and 13 IR students at the Japan Foundation Kansai International Center in OSAKA.

All Ritsumeikan participants were keen to learn new things and appeared to have a really meaningful time. After the main event, some of us had dinner together at the canteen. During that time, we shared cultures and future plans. We also had the opportunity to talk with many people.


It was really valuable for all the participants to talk with diplomats and government employees. Through such events, we can forge good relationships beyond borders. This connection motivates students on our international activities.

RIRIE is going to plan this kind of international exchange programs henceforth. The next event will be one with high school students from South Korea in February, 2018. We look forward to getting many applicants.

(Adapted from RIRIE’s report.) 

12 26.2017

IR Office Closing (2017 Dec 27- 2018 Jan-4 )

IR Office will be closed from 2017 Dec 27 to 2018 Jan-4.

Office support will be re-started after Jan 5th 2018.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

Happy Holidays.

11 28.2017

Exploring the future: Student discussion with Israel-Palestine young professional leaders.

Israeli and Palestinian young professional leaders from government, media, NGOs, and business visited Ritsumeikan University. As part of the “Joint Youth Invitation Program from Israel and Palestine” conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, they visited Hiroshima, Tokyo and Kyoto.

Prof. Mitoji YABUNAKA (Former Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs) led a lively discussion on the issues of the area, such as peace building and future development, among these leaders, Ritsumeikan graduate and undergraduate students from the College and Graduate School of International Relations, exchange students from Indonesia, the UK, Poland and Norway and high school students.

Graduate School and College of International Relations

The Graduate School and College of International Relations hold courses on diplomacy, international peace building and cooperation. Students have many interests in this field and area, and recently developed an independent study group on Israel and Palestine.

10 25.2017

2018Ritsumeikan University Undergraduate Readmission Examination Guidelines

2018Ritsumeikan University Undergraduate Readmission Examination Guidelines (Spring/Fall) is now available.
Click the link below to download them.

- Readmission Examination Guidelines

- Request for Readmission

10 11.2018

Caution: Early graduation system for students entering AY2018

Caution: For students entering from AY 2018, along with the graduation thesis becoming mandatory, the College of International Relations will no longer offer the Early Graduation System.

07 26.2017

IR Office will be closed for Summer break

-IR Office will be closed for Summer break -

Our office will be closed from August 11
to August 21, 2017 for Summer holidays.

We will be back in the office on Tuesday, August 22,
2017 and will respond to your message as soon as possible
on our return.

We are sorry for the inconvenience we may cause.

*Summer Recess; Office Hours start from 1pm to 5pm 
Administrative Office
College of International Relations Ritsumeikan University

Administrative Office
Graduate School of International Relations Ritsumeikan University

12 24.2016

Office Closing (2016 Dec 27- 2017 Jan-5 )

IR Office will be closed from 2016 Dec 27 to 2017 Jan-5.

Office support including certificate issuing will be re-started after Jan 6th 2017.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

Happy Holidays.

9 25.2016

Entrance and Graduation Ceremony

College and Graduate school of International Relations accepts fall entrance students.


On Sep 22nd, the Ritsumeikan University Undergraduate and Graduate School Graduation Ceremony  was held at Suzaku Campus. There, 32 students from the College of International Relations and 18 students from the Graduate School of International Relations were awarded Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Many family members and friends of graduates, faculty and staff members were there to celebrate. Graduates will soon start their new careers here in Japan and around the world.

Graduates, congratulations and good luck on your future!


On Sep 25th, the entrance ceremony was held and College of IR and Graduate School of IR welcomed 32 undergraduate and 39 graduate students include international students from Africa, North America, Europe and Asia.

Welcome to Ritsumeikan! 


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