Professional Training:Field Trip to Ayabe City

As a part of the course "Professional Training", a field trip to Ayabe took place on June 3rd and 4th.


At Ayabe city hall, mayor Zenya Yamazaki delivered a presentation concerning the issues Ayabe city is currently facing, such as population decline and the aging of society. He also expressed passionately that Ayabe can be very attractive for young people who are looking for a different lifestyle which is not materialistic.


In addition to that, we visited the Kyocera factory and the Gunze Memorial Park.

At the Kyocera factory, where Organic Package is made, engineers gave us a tour of the production lines.


At Gunze Memorial Park, we learned that the spirit of the founder has been passed on over years. The corporate philosophy/mottos keep this company community-based while it has become an internationally recognized company.


In order to learn about Japanese craft arts, we visited the village of Kurotani Washi Kobo (atelier of Kurotani Japanese Paper). There, we not only looked at the paper manufacturing process , but we also actually experienced making paper.


This field trip provided a valuable opportunity for all students to get a glimpse the Japanese local government administration and local companies.


Ayabe City:


Gunze Memorial Park:

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