[News] Professional Workshop: Special lecture of Senior Producer of Reuters

On 17th June, students on the 'Professional Workshop (Media)' course enjoyed a visit from guest speaker Olivier Fabre, senior producer for Reuters Video News in Tokyo. Mr Fabre's extensive career in news started during his time as a student in London when he worked part-time for the Nikkei Shimbun's London bureau. Since the mid-90s he has been based in Tokyo and he now runs the video news-gathering operation from the Reuters Japan in Akasaka. As a senior producer in one of the world's largest news and information companies he is working at the cutting edge of news and is keenly aware of the most recent developments in news consumption, technology and production techniques.


Mr Fabre started by describing the role of 'news agency', which is often hidden from the casual news consumer, and making students aware of all the places they might be encountering material produced by news agencies like Reuters. These ranged from broadcast news to newer social media platforms like Facebook that are developing into regular sources of news content, especially for younger people. 


He then explained the way his work had changed over the past few years. Behind many of the changes he described are the rapid changes in technology that have led to both the growth of online platforms as a news agency client, and the rapid development and adaptation of web and networking technologies for use in news gathering and distribution. One area that has seen particularly rapid development is the area of 'live' broadcasting; the transmission of live events that used to require a team of people and a variety of types of bulky and expensive equipment can now be carried out by one individual with a light camera and a transmission system that fits into a standard backpack.


As he explained the sometimes quite subtle differences in news agency journalism and newspaper and broadcast journalism, students joined in with questions and the session finished with a discussion of employment prospects within the news business in Japan and overseas.


Professional Workshop (Journalism) is career development course in Japanese taught by expertized professors.


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