Exploring the future: Student discussion with Israel-Palestine young professional leaders.

Israeli and Palestinian young professional leaders from government, media, NGOs, and business visited Ritsumeikan University. As part of the “Joint Youth Invitation Program from Israel and Palestine” conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, they visited Hiroshima, Tokyo and Kyoto.

Prof. Mitoji YABUNAKA (Former Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs) led a lively discussion on the issues of the area, such as peace building and future development, among these leaders, Ritsumeikan graduate and undergraduate students from the College and Graduate School of International Relations, exchange students from Indonesia, the UK, Poland and Norway and high school students.

Graduate School and College of International Relations

The Graduate School and College of International Relations hold courses on diplomacy, international peace building and cooperation. Students have many interests in this field and area, and recently developed an independent study group on Israel and Palestine.

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