For Students: Link for Resources

In addition to Ritsumeikan University COVID-19 Special Site, University has compiled a website of frequently asked questions in the following three categories: 1. Study, 2. Student Life, and 3. International Students / Study Abroad. The websites will be continuously updated, so please make use of it.

If you have inquiry, need support, please find following page or/and feel free to contact us at College of IR office (

The individual academic counseling session (Online/In-person)

Classes in the Fall Semester
Study Support Site

This site has information on Course Registration, Issuance of Certificates, Use of Facilities, IT Support Tools, and other related matters.

Important information on Online classes is available at Manaba+R page. Please check frequently your Manaba+R page and messages from Unviersity/instructor (We strongly recommend you to activate “reminder setting”).

College’s Manaba+R course page is also essential for you.

*GSIR is here

Student Life Support Site

This website has information on scholarships (need-based), clubs and circles (extracurricular activities), medical examinations, where to consult if facing any issues, and other related matters.

This website has information on status of residence and scholarships for international students, as well as information on applying and preparing for international study abroad programs, and other related matters.

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