Since its establishment, over 6,000 alumni have graduated from the College & Graduate Schools of International Relations and are now active on the front-lines of society in Japan and abroad. The College of International Relations Alumni Association is active building networks and supporting its alumni. This page provides information on the Alumni Association and messages from its alumni.

Supporting the future of our over 6,000 alumni.

The College of International Relations was established shortly before the collapse of the Cold War structure as the first private university international college in Kansai. In the twenty-plus years since then, the College has been highly regarded as a frontrunner of International Relations Studies in Japan. The College has sent off more than 6,000 graduates (including the Graduate School) with a global view and high foreign language ability. Many of our graduates are now active global leaders in an array of industry sectors including diplomats and international organization personnel. In today’s world where volatile conditions persist in Japan and beyond, our College of IR/Graduate School of IR graduate student organization, the College of International Relations Alumni Association, will continue aggressively supporting the career development and future paths of our IR students.

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