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Study in Kyoto

Kinkakuji Kyoto is home to some of Japan's most important World Heritage Sites such as the Ryoanji, Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion) Temples, and Nijo Castle. Ritsumeikan University School of Law is located within walking distance of Nijo Castle. Kyoto enjoys a harmonious blend of ancient and modern, thus giving students a unique opportunity to experience all aspects of Japanese culture.

More Information on Kyoto

Tourist Information

Tourist information and consultation for sightseeing will be available in the following information offices:

  1. Kyoto Tourist Information
    Open 8:30 to 19:00

    Tel 075-344-3300
    Place JR Kyoto Station Bldg. 2F



Getting around in Kyoto (bicycle)

In big cities like Tokyo and Osaka, you can go almost anywhere with subways and trains, but in Kyoto, you may find it difficult to choose the right transportation to take. City buses routes are extensive in Kyoto city main area, and may be more convenient than the train or subway. All-day passes are available.

To get around in Kyoto freely and conveniently, a rental cycle is a good option. With a bicycle, you can go narrow alleys where you may find old houses and small local stores which are not in the guidebook.
There is no parking space in Ritsumeikan Suzaku Campus itself. But there is a public bicycle parking lot right next to Suzaku Campus, where you can park your bicycle for 150 yen a day.

There are many places you can rent a bicycle, and some Inns or hotels may have rental cycle service also. Here are some suggested places you can rent a cycle.

City Bus

The Kyoto City bus is useful to reach various places within Kyoto.
You will be provided an English Bus Route Map on the first day of the seminar.
The fare within the city center is 230 yen and the fare for traveling outside of the city depends on the distance traveled.

Subways and Train

The Kyoto Municipal Subway Line consists of the inner city south north "Karasuma" Line and the east-west "Tozai" Line. The fare is from 210 yen to 340 yen.The Nijo station on the Tozai Line is 3 minutes from the Suzaku campus.


Train companies such as Keihan, Hankyu, Kintetsu and JR have their own train lines in the city. JR covers the whole Japan, and Keihan, Kintetsu and Hankyu cover only Kansai area.The JR Nijo station is also 3 minutes from the Suzaku Campus.


Ritsumeikan does not offer on-campus or off-campus accommodation for visiting students. However, in Kyoto, there is a wide variety of choices of accommodation, from reasonable youth hostels to nice city hotels. On this page, we provide information for different types of accommodation for your reference.

Recommended hotels in Kyoto.

Inexpensive Accommodations
Reasonably priced, English speaking staffs, quiet area
Very Reasonably priced, payment has to be up front in cash
Closest to Suzaku Campus! Accepts credit card
Reasonably priced hotel

Furnished Apartment Hotel

City Hotels
One of the nicest hotels near Nijo Castle
Regular city hotels

The information and contacts provided on this page are to assist you in your search for accommodation and provide you with details of the services you may require. The information provided is compiled in good faith, and is intended as a guide only. We may not investigate the content of any information provided and do not endorse, guarantee, warrant, or recommend the accuracy of the information or necessarily subscribe to any such opinions or recommendations. We do not profit in any way or sponsor any of the contacts listed. They are provided solely as a convenience to you.