Kyoto & Tokyo Seminar


Dates & Time

  • Kyoto Seminar
    Date TBA
    Time TBA
    Venue Ritsumeikan University, Suzaku Campus Access
  • Tokyo Seminar
    Date TBA
    Time TBA
    Venue Ritsumeikan Tokyo Campus Access

For your reference, here are the previous program schedules:

Program fee

  • Kyoto Seminar Only
    (AUD 675)
  • Tokyo Seminar Only
    (AUD 424)
  • Both Seminars
    (AUD 887)

The program fee covers

  • Lecturers
  • General administration
  • Field studies (excluding student travel expenses)
  • On-the-ground logistical support
  • Welcome & closing reception, etc.

Airfare, travel expenses, accommodation, insurance and other living expenses are not included in the amount above.
Please note that the charge is not refundable unless the Seminars have been cancelled or the applicant has been refused enrollment (or for USydney students), exceptional circumstances possibly apply.

Other information

Participants receive a Certificate of Completion upon completing the course requirements.

Guidelines for the Prevention of Infections

To prevent the spread of coronaviruses and other designated infectious diseases, participants will be asked to submit a health questionnaire. Applicants will receive details after the application process is completed.

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