Outline / Director's Welcome

Outline of the Kyoto Seminar and the Tokyo Seminar

The Kyoto and Tokyo Seminars comprise two week-long intensive courses on Japanese law.

The theme of the Kyoto Seminar is the "globalisation" of Japanese law in a wide range of subject areas, including civil and criminal justice, gender and the law, public law and some aspects of business regulation. The theme of the Tokyo Seminar is Japanese corporate and commercial law, analysing how law both reflects and has transformed Japanese capitalism in the 21st century.

Both Seminars are specially offered to Ritsumeikan University and Australian Universities we have partnership with. The Seminars will give participants plenty of opportunities for class discussions. The Seminars do not require any previous knowledge in Japanese law or any facility with the Japanese language. All classes will be conducted in English.

Director's Welcome

Professor Naoya Yamaguchi
Program Director for the Kyoto and Tokyo Seminars
Ritsumeikan University School of Law

We are very happy to introduce these unique and exciting seminars!
The Kyoto and Tokyo Seminars are for participants who want to deepen their knowledge about Japanese Law, Society and the Economy.
The seminars will provide participants with the opportunities to understand the background and current issues in Japanese Law-related fields.
Classes will be taught by Japanese and non-Japanese lecturers. Talented professors from Ritsumeikan University, the University of Sydney, the Australian National University, Queensland University of Technology, and other top-level schools as well as experienced practitioners from major law firms and leading companies will teach classes.

In addition to learning about Japanese law, staying in historical Kyoto and cosmopolitan Tokyo will offer participants a rare chance to experience and enjoy two very characteristic and popular cities.
The Kyoto Seminar will be held at the Ritsumeikan Law School building, which is well-equipped and conveniently located for sightseeing, shopping and dining.
The Tokyo Seminar will be held at the Ritsumeikan Tokyo Campus, located at the very center of the city right by Tokyo Station, the main Shinkansen (Bullet-Train) station.

We hope to meet you for our next Seminars.