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Message from Deans

  • Dean of College/Dean of College/Graduate School of Science and Engineering Ryoichi FUKAGAWA
  • Dean of College/Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering Yoichi YAMASHITA
  • Dean of College/Graduate School of Life Sciences Kazuo KOJIMA

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan has adopted Ritsumeikan University's proposal entitled the "International industry-academic collaborative PBL for developing leading engineers bridging Japan and South Asia with distinct culture and diversity" through their "FY2014 Re-Inventing Japan Project".

This project’s aim is for students in Ritsumeikan’s Colleges and Graduate Schools of Science and Engineering, Information Science and Engineering, and Life Sciences, and for students in the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, Nitte University, and Symbiosis International University to interact and mutually develop as leading engineers with international scope, who can succeed on the global stage. We named this project the "RiSE I≡J Project".

Japan boasts some of the world’s highest level scientific technology and has innovated in various fields such as electronic parts and automobiles. The Colleges and Graduate Schools related to Science and Technology in Ritsumeikan University foster global human resources capable of solving global scale problems by conducting top-level research and instructing course that meet global standards in the field of machines, electricity and electronics, construction and environment, IT, and Life Sciences.

The most important characteristic of the "RiSE I≡J Project" is, with the help of cooperation from current working engineers, to discover solutions to problems faced by Asian nations.

We believe that discussing solutions to problems, and learning together while motivating each other through Project/Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is key for the development of human resources for Japan and India.

Join the "RiSE I≡J Project"! Experiencing Japanese science and technology and traditional culture during your youth will be nourishment for your future. Your experiences on this program will surely help you become an engineer ready to meet the global challenges of tomorrow.

“RiSE I≡J Project” is the abbreviation for the Ritsumeikan University Science and Engineering India-Japan Project. The “≡” represents the strengthening bonds of both countries’ relationships with three lines. We wish that students in both countries will move upward, as implied by the word "RiSE".

Project Outline

In this project, Project/Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is conducted by students from India and Japan. PBL is a collaborative and practical learning approach, conducted through establishing projects or finding problems based on preliminary surveys, site visits, and/or participating in internships, and then providing proposals or solutions. We aim to foster engineers with science backgrounds capable of taking leadership, and planning strategies, for Indian and Japanese companies and their governments, through our students’ mutual inspiration, and cooperation and participation of engineers from companies.

Inter-national-industry-academic PBL
(project or problem based learning)

Inter-national-industry-academic PBL

Project Goals

Foster human resources with background of science and engineering contributing development of Japan and India and bridging government and industrial world in both countries

Students in India

  1. Engineer with science backgrounds capable of offering solutions of local problems by leading Indian government and companies
  2. Persons understanding Japanese society and working in Indian government and Japanese or related companies

Students in Japan

  1. Engineer with science backgrounds capable of offering solutions of local problems by taking leadership
  2. Persons understanding Indian diverse society and communicating in English
  3. Tough persons working under environment in developing countries


  Target Duration Sending University Outline
RU-IITH International industry-academic collaborative PBL program Undergraduate
Graduate students
10 days IITH Find existing local problem with RU students through preliminary survey and site visits and implement PBL to provide solutions to the problem.
Global Workshop Graduate students Several days IITH
Hold a workshop to lay a future foundation for communication to seek potential of collaborat ive research or activities through PBL with universities from Southeast Asia.
Study in RU program Undergraduate
Graduate students
10 days NU Experience and learn Japanese science and technology at RU, and implement PBL to think about its development in India.
RU Research program Graduate students Several weeks to
1 year
Implement PBL through internship focusing on research in RU.

* Other programs will be also available based on additional funding.

Host Institutions

Host Institutions at Ritsumeikan University