The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 646

A Special Issue
in Honour of
on the Occasion of
His Retirement

Ken’ichi Fuji: Pigeons for All Seasons: Food and Water Intake Behavior in Long-periods under Natural Daylength and Ambient Temperature in Pigeons (Columba livia
Atsuki Higashiyama: Complexity of Textured Stimuli for Slanting Surfaces: Issues Left by J. J. Gibson
Yuji Hoshino & Asuka Hayashi: The Effect of Odor Cues on Specificity of Autobiographical Memory
Noriaki Tsuchida: Effects of Differences in Effectors on Motor Inhibition
Hiroki Yamamoto, Ryo Orita & Jun’ichi Kojima: Possible Supports for the First Grade Senior High School Students to Comprehend “Ancient Wise Man’s Process of Thought Formation” from an Ethics Textbook: A Support Perspective from the Paragraphing Strategy as Moderators
Naoki Nakashika & Tetsuya Kawamura: Effects of Changing Roles at Work for a Person with Intellectual Disability
Nobuko Fuji: How Are the Social Unconscious Told? ― From the Case of the Support Group for Persons Affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake ―
Tadashi Nakamura: Development of Psycho-social Clinical Theory to Prevent Domestic Violence: Consideration on the Implicit Theory to Explain Violence and Abuse in Intimate Relationship
Yoko Ueda: A Support System for “Long-term HIKIKOMORI” Based on the Concept of Behavior Analysis : “First Step Job Group (FSJG)”
Misuzu Yasui: A Study on Speech Therapy during Home-Visit Rehabilitation: From the Perspective of “Care” and the Functional Linkage of “Assist―Advocacy― Instruction”
Xiaotong Ro: Study on the System of the Chinese Autistic in Japan
Nobuhiro Watanabe & Tetsumi Moriyama: What Should Radical Behaviorism Learn from Buddhism?