The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 649

in Memory of the Late

Norifumi Kawahara: Aiming at Research That Can Be Returned to Society: Homework from Professor Kawasumi
Shinji Koga: Memories of Professor Tatsunori Kawasumi
Dai Nakamoto: A Tribute to the Memory of the Late Professor Tatsunori Kawasumi
Kohei Matsunaga: Memories of Professor Tatsunori Kawasumi
Akiko Mieda: A Tribute to Professor Kawasumi
Akihisa Yoshikoshi: Trends of Geographical Research at Ritsumeikan University and the Research of Professor Kawasumi
Tasuku Aso: The Location of Protestant Churches in Kyoto City from 1916 to 2013
Kazuhito Kawashima: Land Use Changes in Kinugasa, Kyoto: Toji-in Mura and Ritsumeikan University (1868-1960)
Masaaki Kidachi: Clay and Kilns in Kyoto: The Relationship between Traditional Craft and Kyoto Clay and Stone from the View of the Excavation Site
Kei Sudo: An Overview of Kyoto Studies: The Diversity of Interpretations
Satoshi Tanaka: Materials of Postwar Education as Research Materials for Kyoto Studies
Yuko Yamazaki: An Attempt at Forming a Historical Viewpoint
Masato Ikuta: A Consideration on Individuality and Society in Geographical Space in Cambodia and Myanmar: the Microscopic Viewpoint and Macroscopic Imagination
Hideki Endo: Transference of Traditions in Tourism: Local Identity as Images Reflected in Mirrors
Hirofumi Katahira: Historical Landscape in the Northern Part of Heian-kyo in the 12th and 13th Centuries
Masahiro Kato: The Commercial Environment in the Entertainment District of the Military Base-Centered City of Koza
Manabu Takahashi: The Mechanisms of Urban Earthquake Disaster and Mura-okoshi (Town-Revitalization) Earthquake Disaster Occurrences
Tomoki Nakaya: Visualisation of Space-Time Kernel Density Estimation in a 3D-GIS Environment: A Case Study of Public Indecency Incidents in Kyoto City
Kazumasa Hanaoka: Locational and Temporal Characteristics of Public Indecency Incidents in Kyoto City: A Spatial Analysis Using the Geographic Information System
Keiji Yano, Satoshi Imamura, Akihiko Takano and Takeshi Abekawa : A Note on the Development and Extension of the Heian-kyo Overlay Map