The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 670

A Special Issue
in Honour of
on the Occasion of
His Retirement

Katsumi Tobino: Anthropological Fragments on Life:
From the Meaning of Life to Awakening to the Spirit of Life
Yusuke Uno: Searching for an Alternative Educational Anthropology:
The Baton Handed to Kounosuke Fujimoto from Kei Hachiya
Yuta Kishimoto: A Pedagogical-Anthropological Study on Interaction:
The Thinking of Toshiharu Takeuchi
Atsuko Tsuji: Walter Benjamin’s Conception of Remembering and Narrative
Sinae Park: Henry Nouwen’s Grief Work:
The Story of Mother’s Life, Death, and Resurrection
Tatsuya Hirayama: A Study of Subjective Learning
Tetsuo Miyazaki: Individuality of Death: Based on the Experience of a Teacher
Yasuko Miyazaki: The Child’s Understanding of Death as Un-Knowing:
An Experience of Life as Imminence in Bataille
Seiro Yamauchi: Difficulty to Speak of Abraham, and Kierkegaard’s Eloquence
Sunji Lee: A Sketch of Care for Life in Katsumi Tobino
Airi Asakura: A Study on the Physicality of Encounter in Modern Society:
Based on Pedagogical Anthropology
Takahiro Iwami: Nietzsche’s Theory of Werden
Ikuhiro Okamoto: A Note on the Driving Force of Caring for Life
Kohei Tateno: The Life Left Behind: A Contribution to Anthropology of Education on Grief
Yoshihiko Murashima: Small Comment on Our Old Age:
As One of Members in the Middle of Old Age