The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 671

A Special Issue
in Honour of
on the Occasion of
His Retirement

Hiroyuki Fukuhara: Introductory Lecture on Educational Anthropology of Transcendence
Tomoko Kano: New Academic Culture Cultivated in the Ritsumeikan Educational
Anthropology Major
Tadahiro Sado: On Rapport: Is Contemporary Psychotherapy Ahead of F. A. Mesmer’s Works?
Kazuho Mizuguchi: Santa Claus in Japan: Does Pure Love Exist When Japanese Santa Claus Played by Parents ?
Aki Kono: A Study on Introducing a Psychoanalytic Perspective into Early Childhood Education: An Attempt to Understand Sense of Guilt from Erikson and Winnicott’s Theory
Yukiko Ikeda: Notes on Praying: The Catholic Tradition and a Way of a Prayer
Masaki Kondo: Death and Creativity: A Study on Creating Short Texts in the Process of Psychotherapy for Complex Post Trauma Due to Multiple Loss Experiences
Kunio Takada: The Guiding Principles of Life: How Should People Live?
Yoshinori Yamada: On the Trinity of Consciousness
Tatsuya Tsujino: Spirituality and Multi-dimension of Somatic Body
Masahiro Araya: The Possibilities of Children’s Homes
Kazuhiro Ohashi: Dialectical Process of Personalized Initiation in Modern Times: Consideration through Resonance with Others Seen in the 10th Picture,
Nittennsuisyu (入鄽垂手) of Jyugyuzu (十牛図)(A Visual Text of Zen)
Tomohiro Hashimoto: The Structure of Salvation