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Beyond Borders Plazaのロゴマークが決定 Beyond Borders Plaza Logo design selected!


  • Beyond Borders Plaza
  • Beyond Borders Plaza
  • Beyond Borders Plaza
  • Beyond Borders Plaza

2018年4月に開設された、グローバルコモンズBeyond Borders Plaza(以下、BBP)の正式ロゴマークが決定しました。 2019 年5 月よりデザインの学内公募が実施され、計40 点の応募作品があり、BBP 運営委員会による一次選考と、学内投票による二次選考の結果、吉田悠生さん(国際関係学部4回生)の作品が最優秀賞に選ばれ、正式ロゴマークのデザインとなりました。


BBPは、国境の壁、文化の壁、言葉の壁、価値観の壁など、様々なBorderを超えて繋がりを生み出し、共に学ぶ、国際交流や言語学習をコンセプトにした空間です。  授業外の時間帯に学生が利用できるスペースを提供し、自由な空間で仲間とともにグローバルな素養を高める中で、「多文化協働」できる人材を世界に輩出することを目指します。

The official logo of “Beyond Borders Plaza (BBP)”, a global commons launched in April 2018, has been decided. We called for the logo designs from Ritsumeikan University students from May 2019 and had total of 40 applications. Through the two-stage selection, the design made by Mr. Yoshida won the first prize and was authorized as the BBP official logo.

Mr. Yoshida says: The colorful design of the logo shows diversity and the place where variety of people communicate. “bbp” in small letters with three circles in line shows “harmony”, “evolution/growth” and “relationship (with others)”. I designed a simple logo, with circles and golden ratio, which will be easily recognized as BBP logo.”

BBP is a global commons focusing on international exchange and language learning, with a mission to overcome international borders, cultural boundaries, and language barriers and build ties through mutual discovery. Our aim is to provide a convenient space for students which they can use freely so that, while communicating with friends in the space, they can develop a global sense and become talented individuals who engage in “multicultural collaboration”.

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