Educational Mission and Admission Policy

I. Educational Mission

The general mission of the Graduate School of Economics is to develop scholars and professionals who can contribute to solving economic issues and problems by utilizing high levels of academic knowledge and analytical skills in economics.

Doctoral Program

Through this program, researchers acquire a broad perspective, higher specialization in knowledge and skills, and a superior capacity to pioneer new spheres of research on their own. Also, in answer to the worldwide need for specialists with doctorate qualifications, this program develops human resources (including foreign students) with internationally acknowledged logical and creative thinking abilities.

II. Admission Policy

Doctoral Program

The Graduate School of Economics' Doctoral Program invites applicants who have acquired in-depth special knowledge and excellent analytical skills in economic theory and applied areas through research in a master's program, with the capacity to utilize their own intellectual curiosity and thoughts in the analysis and study of economic phenomena, and who possess the potential ability to produce the creative research results.