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Alumni discuss the value of studying in the Global Studies Major

Koume Ono

Koume Ono

Senior Consultant at Robert Walters

Graduated in September 2018

She started studying in Ritsumeikan from September 2014. In 2015 summer she went to Nepal to join a program called International Sustainability School where she learned a different culture and the social issues in the country which was not shown in the media. During 2016-2017 she went to Guadalajara, Mexico as an exchange student. There she had a working experience as an intern as well as taking courses at the university, such as Latin American women studies. After she returned to Japan in 2017, she was invited to Egypt to attend a “Young leaders global summit”, where she was selected to give the closing ceremony speech in front of more than 3500 participants, including ministers and the President of Egypt. After graduation in September 2018, she I joined Robert Walters in October 2018. After two-times promotions, she is now working as a Senior Consultant. Besides her work, she actively joins social activities in the world, and she was invited as “Leader of Tomorrow” from “the 50th Saint Gallen Symposium” organized by a Swiss university in May 2021.

The exchange program changed the outlook on life. Awarded as “Leader of Tomorrow” at an international conference.

Every day of communication and negotiation as a human resources consultant

I am currently working as a senior consultant at Robert Walters, a specialist recruitment agency. I decided to join this company and follow this career path because I liked the fact that I could use Japanese and English, and also it involved a lot of communication with people from different backgrounds. It was also very appealing for me that you could get promoted within the organization if you meet certain targets, and the career path was clear.
My job is supporting people who are trying to change jobs or looking for jobs, and also the companies looking for certain workers. It requires a lot of communication in supporting the interview process and in negotiating contracts with the employer, sometimes with executives of very well known global companies. I never imagined that I would be able to talk to them in my 20s!

4 years of learning the basics of negotiations and various perspectives

My daily work of negotiating with people from diverse backgrounds and talking about different topics is based on the experience I gained in my four years at the university.
During the internship at a supply chain related company in Mexico, where I studied as an exchange student, I have learned the basics of negotiations. I was an account manager hence I had to negotiate fees with Mexican clients and be in touch with suppliers in China. This experience is very useful in my current work.
Also knowing some of the issues “dalits” face in Nepal was an experience that opened my eyes to the world. This experience taught me not to assume things, since not everyone has the same background as I do.

Life-changing programs

My four years in Global Studies have provided me with more opportunities than I had imagined. In particular, the exchange program with overseas is a highlight of my college days.
Since I was able to get a scholarship, I could focus on the studies in Mexico, and it made my life more enjoyable. There, I was also able to make not only Mexican friends, but also the friends from all over the world.
Attending the summit in Egypt was another life changing experience. It was surprising when I was told during my stay in Egypt that I was selected to give the speech in the ending ceremony. This experience of sharing my experience and inspiring 3,500 audiences gave me lots of confidence.
I couldn’t get those unforgettable experiences without the support of the professors and the administrative staffs of Ritsumeikan University. I think it's really wonderful to have such many opportunities to gain various perspectives with the exchange programs.
I value them a lot, and I would like to keep doing social projects and attend conferences while working.

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