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B1 Focus on Peace
B1 foucus on peace
The basement exhibits focus on Japan's "Fifteen Year War" and conflicts since that time. By giving visitors a deeper understanding of what war is actually like, we hope to make people think about what can be done to create a peaceful world.
First Floor Investigating Peace
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B1 foucus on peace
The first floor of the museum houses the Media Library for International Peace, which is designed to facilitate further investigation of subjects covered in the museum's exhibits. The lounge on the first floor features three art works on the theme of peace: two figures of the Firebird(Phoenix of Peace)from a comic series by Osamu Tezuka on the east and west walls of the lounge, and the peace sculpture "Mutchan" by Heijin Murakami near the windows.Nakano Memorial Hall is used for special exhibits.
Second Floor Building Peace
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B1 foucus on peace
The museum's second-floor exhibits examine obstacles that hinder the peace process and explore pathways that ordinary people can take to eliminate these types of structural violence. Also on this floor are a room featuring various types of peace messages from the people of Kyoto, the "Studio of Life", which exhibits the works and personal effects of art students who lost their lives in war, and the Peace Art Gallery, where art works and children’s books on the themes of war and peace are on display.