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modern warfare
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Thoughts on Violence and Peace ム Seeking to Nurture Human Potential

In the world we live in, there are many things that threaten our physical safety, cause us emotional distress, and trample on our hopes and dreams. In this room, we try to direct our steps towards true peace by considering not only the problems of war and nuclear weapons, but also all barriers to the full realization of human potential-that is, all forms of "structural violence".

Hague Appeal for Peace

It is we, the citizens of the world, who can make peace. In May, 1999, 10,000 people from all over the world, including about 400 from Japan, gathered in the Netherlands for the Hague Appeal for Peace-Civil Society Conference to work on an agenda for achieving true peace. They developed the Ten Fundamental Principles for a Just World Order and the Hague Agenda for Peace and Justice in the 21st Century to give an overview of the challenges and processes involved in building peace.

Peace Art Gallery

The lounge area outside the secondfloor "Building Peace" exhibit serves as a mini art gallery, with five paintings on the themes of war and peace, as well as displays of the works of two famous Japanese authors of children's literature, an engraving of a famous anti-war poem, and a series of sculptures meant to evoke the misery of innocent victims of war.There is also a display of visitors' peace messages, so please take the time to write a few words yourself.