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The Studio of Life: Kyoto Annex to the Mugonkan
The "Mugonkan", or "Silent Museum", is a memorial to art students who died in the War. It is located in Ueda City in Nagano Prefecture. In 1999 the Kyoto Museum for World Peace, Ritsumeikan University, held a special exhibit of works from the Mugonkan. This collaboration helped the two institutions forge a strong bond which came to fruition in the opening of the Kyoto Annex to the Mugonkan on the second floor of the peace museum. At the entrance to this gallery, a photo of an art student who died in the War and a moving poem by Mugonkan founder Seiichiro Kuboshima (reproduced in English translation below) are mounted on a chic dark grey backdrop. Inside, visitors are asked to silently contemplate the works and personal effects of art students who lost their lives on the battlefield while they were still in their twenties and thirties. The display will be changed two or three times a year, so we hope you'll come in again to see each new set of works.