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The Power of Ordinary People Working for Peace -Finding Out What We Can Do

Just as there are many kinds of violence in the world, there are also many kinds of activities planned and carried out by ordinary people to try to prevent or deal with all types of violence. Some require a high level of expertise, but there are many that can be supported in the course of daily life. All of them, however, share an emphasis on thinking for oneself and taking personal action. By taking part in one of them, each and every one of us can become an independent actor in the drama of building a more peaceful world.

Mini Exhibit Room

The Mini Exhibit Room is a space the Kyoto Museum for World Peace uses for special projects planned in response to a wide range of peace activities by students and ordinary citizens. In keeping with our goal of making the museum an interactive facility, it is also open to non-governmental groups to present special exhibits on a variety of themes. Anyone who has an idea for an exhibition is welcome to consider holding it in the Mini Exhibit Room. Please ask at the office on the first floor for details on how to rent the room.