Harassment Prevention Committee

If you feel you are being harassed,

Ritsumeikan University and Ritsumeikan Affiliated Schools advisers operate under the jurisdiction of the Harassment Prevention Committee to help complainants of harassment. If you are in need of help, please feel free to contact us. We provide advising and compassionate support that responds to your needs.

Seeking help from advising staff

Advisers are available at various locations on every campus, and you are free to arrange a meeting without regard to faculty, division or even campus.
※List of harassment advisers
(Access is available within the University domain)
The first step in seeking help from advising staff is to contact the office by phone or e-mail whichever is most comfortable for you. Generally, counseling is provided face-to-face at a facility or location with reliable privacy protection.
Advisers maintain strict confidentiality with regard to client contact and never disclose information without obtaining agreement in advance. Please rest assured that the matters discussed during your visit to an adviser will remain between you and the adviser.

*It is possible that the offender may not be aware that his or her behavior is offensive.
In such a case, it may be effective to articulate your feelings of discomfort, and deal with the situation on your own.

External Institutions

The following external institutions also provide advising and consultation.