Harassment Prevention Committee

Consultation and Resolution Process

Flow of advising

Discussion with advisers

Advisers work with the complainant to clarify the situation and determine how the case should be handled. In principle , the complainant will receive advice from two advisers.
※List of harassment advisers(Access is available within the University domain)

Advisers provide advice
You choose to handle
the situation individually
Apply for notification/

You may request that
the Harassment Prevention
Committee open an investigation into the situation.

Harassment Prevention Committee

The HPC provides support that facilitates the achievement of an effective resolution.


Facilitates the settlement of an issue through the Committee notifying the other party that is the subject of the complaint of the existence and description of the complaint, either revealing the name of a person filling the complaint or ensuring anonymity.
<Whether or not there was harassment is determined>


Facilitates the settlement of an issue through the Committee interviewing the Complainant and/or the other party on relevant facts, holding a discussion with the other party or the individual’s supervisor as necessary.
<Whether or not there was harassment is not determined>


An investigative comittee is established and the comittee conducts an impartial investigation into the facts. If deemed as harassment, proper action will be taken against the other party, including possible disciplinary action.<Whether or not there was harassment is determined>

  • Measures in support of harassment complainants
    The reestablishment of a favorable learning environment, etc.
  • Response to harassers
    Provide guidance, promote behavioral changes, etc.