KOKUNAI Research Grant(Domestic Research Grant)

【Important Notice】
This system will be expired at the end of March, 2023.
The new system, Research Grant for Doctoral Students will be established. All activities supported under the current system will be subject to the new system. An outline of the new system will be announced in late February 2023. For details, please check here.

Aim and Qualification

This research grant is designed to accelerate and support the domestic research activities of Doctoral students


Must be an officially enrolled graduate student in either a Doctoral Program, Year 3 or above of an Integrated Doctoral Program, or 4-Year Doctoral Program. In addition, applicants must undertake research for consecutive 5 days(*1)
or more (excluding the days you spent for traveling and holidays) during the eligibility period of travel below (refer to Clause 3.) at universities (other than Ritsumeikan University) or research institutions.(Applicants must be "enrolled" or "studying abroad")

*1 Days to be excluded:
     - Days for self-development such as language acquisition, paid research activities (e.g.) paid
       internships, part-time jobs etc..)
     - D
ays you did not actually conduct any research activities such as the days you spent for
        traveling from one place to the next destination and holidays, cannot be included in the
       “more than 5 consecutive days” of your research activities.

Can be selected as recipients of this grant three times or more while being enrolled
(four times or more for students enrolled in the Graduate School of Pharmacy.

*Please be sure to check the Application Guidelines for details.

Application Procedures

Application will be accepted by the submission of designated application form and required documents together within the application period.
*Please read the Application Guidelines carefully when preparing Application Form.

Application Period:
 ・Spring Semester: Monday, May 16, 2022 to Friday, May 20, 2022 (by 17:00 *JST)
 ・Fall Semester: Monday, October 24, 2022 to Friday, October 28, 2022 (by 17:00 *JST)

How to submit:
Prepare all the “Submission Documents” as PDF data. Then log in manaba+R and submit the PDF data of submission documents from “Graduate Student Career Path Support Center(大学院キャリアパス推進室)” .
[How to submit Application Documents/Documents necessary for procedures(PDF)]

※ If you wish to send the documents by post due to unavoidable reasons, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies
     (KIC) by e-mail in advance. Please make sure that the documents do not lack any information or signature, and send
     them by simplified registered mail. The documents must arrive by the deadline. Please send the document by post to
     the address below (by using a registered mail to keep the record of delivery).

To apply for this scholarship, registration on Ri-SEARCH is necessary.

Applicants must make the application form Ri-SEARCH External Link.

You can check the way to make the forms through the below manuals.

Ri-SEARCH manual (to create an application from for scholarship/grant programs)

Ri-SEARCH manual (to make a Research Achievement Report)

Example of forms created in Ri-SEARCH

Procedures for the Recipients