Internship Scholarship

【Important Notice】
This system will be expired at the end of March, 2023.
The new system, Research Grant for Doctoral Students will be established. All activities supported under the current system will be subject to the new system. An outline of the new system will be announced in late February 2023. For details, please check here.

The application must be filed before starting an internship. The recipients of this scholarship are to be selected upon screening of their applications.


The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage career formation of Doctoral Degree Students who participate in internship programs by supporting them financially.

Applicable Internships

  1. An internship shall be a formal program to provide practical experience for graduate students in an occupation or profession at either a domestic/international corporation, public organization, non-profitable organization, international organization, or educational institution, which will help their career development.
  2. The length of an internship must be more than 15 days
  3. Internship programs that offer stipend are not applicable.


Those who are an officially enrolled student of the graduate school in either the Ritsumeikan University Graduate School Doctoral Degree Program or in Year 3 or above in the Integrated Doctoral Program or in Graduate School Doctoral Degree Program includes 4 year Doctoral Degree Program.

Those who undertake an internship for 15 days※1 or more in Academic Year 2022 (April 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023) at corporations/organizations while officially enrolled at Ritsumeikan University.

*Please be sure to check the details in the Application Guidelines.

Scholarship Amount

The following scholarship shall be provided for each selected applicant.

Length of Internship

Scholarship Amount

15 to 30 days

100,000 yen

31 to 59 days

150,000 yen

More than 60 days

200,000 yen

*Please be sure to check the details in the Application Guidelines.

Period of Application

April 1, 2022(Fri)~January 27, 2023(Fri) 5:00p.m.

Application Procedures

Before Internship
①    Plan for internship activities.
②    Fill in the application form and arrange the documents to be submitted.
③    Get the approval of the plan and the recommendation from your professor.
④    Prepare documents and submit to Office of Graduate Studies through E-mail.
【Office of Graduate Studies】
⑤    Review by the screening committee on acceptability of application.
⑥    Send notice of adoption / rejection result to the applicant.
During - After Internship
⑦    Submit Pledge statement and the original copy of necessary documents to Office of Graduate Studies.
⑧    Undertake an internship.
⑨    Submit report forms etc. to Office of Graduate Studies through E-mail.

【Office of Graduate Studies】
⑩    Check all the submitted documents.
(The Office will contact applicants and ask him/her to complete the application or submit additional documents as needed.)
⑪    Grants will be disbursed to the applicant’s bank account.

⑫    May be asked to give a presentation at the report session. (Planned around May next year).

*Please be sure to check the details in the Application Guidelines.

Download Forms

Application Guidelines
Application Form (Form1)
Bank Account Information (Form 2)
Program Report (Form 3)
Overall Report (Form 4)

To apply for this scholarship, registration on Ri-SEARCH is necessary.
Applicants must make the application form Ri-SEARCH External Link.
You can check the way to make the forms through the below manuals.


Office of Graduate Studies
Office of Graduate Studies  (Kinugasa Campus) :SHITOKUKAN  4th Floor
Tel. (075)465-8195