Grant for Publication of Doctoral Dissertation

This program is to encourage and prompt Ritsumeikan University graduate students to publish the research results in their dissertation as an academic book. This program will provide financial assistance to support those who earned a doctoral degree from Ritsumeikan University to publish their doctoral dissertation for the purpose of making available outstanding research results in their areas of expertise to the public.

Please check the Application Guidelines for the details.

◆  Fall Semester AY2022 Application Guidelines

◆  Fall Semester AY2022 Application Form

◎Grant Category,Grant Coverage,Eligibility,Eligible Graduate School

(1)Grant Category

Publication of doctoral dissertation for application of a doctoral degree (type Kogo) of the University
(Single authorship only)
*Only for commercial publication by a publisher
*The following are not covered by the grant:
(i)Publication by a publisher, which publication related costs are all covered by the publisher.
(ii)Publication, not by a publisher but by a printing company.

*Must be publishers based in Japan.

(2)Grant Coverage

Publication-related costs*

*Publication-related costs shall mean composition costs, bookbinding costs, printing costs, paper costs and
 translation and proofreading costs and shall not include transportation expenses required to attend meetings, etc.

(3)Grant Amount

Maximum of 1,000,000 yen per project (Approximately 15 projects are scheduled to be selected.)


1)Those who are enrolled in a doctoral program or integrated doctoral program of one of the eligible graduate schools at Ritsumeikan University stated below, and has completed application procedures for doctoral degree (type Kogo) to be conferred on March 31, 2023.

2)Those who have been enrolled as a graduate student in Fall semester 2022, have completed the application procedures for doctoral degree conferral (type Kogo) by September 25, 2022, then withdrew from the university without degree, and will (or expected to) be awarded a doctoral degree backdated to September 25, 2022 (retroactive degree holder).

*Target of retroactive degree: Those who enrolled in a doctoral program or an integrated doctoral program in/before 2009, and those who transferred to an integrated doctoral program from the third year in/before 2011.

(5)Eligible Graduate School

Graduate School of Law, Graduate School of Economics, Graduate School of Business Administration,
Graduate School of Sociology, Graduate School of International Relations, Graduate School of Policy Science,
Graduate School of Letters, Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Science,
Graduate School of Sport and Health Science, Graduate School of Technology Management,
Graduate School of Human Science

(6)Requirements for Receiving Grant

Applicants must meet all of the following requirements:
(i)Earned or will earn a doctoral degree with the dissertation applied; and
(ii)Completed all necessary procedures and publishes his/her doctoral dissertation by March 31, 2024


◎Grant Period,Application Period,Application Materials

Grant Period Publication to be published by March 31, 2024
Application Period


From Monday, January 16, 2023 to Friday, February 3, 2023 (by 5:00 p.m.)
*In case of submission by post, send directly to the Office of Graduate Studies (Kinugasa Campus). The application must arrive during the Application Period.


Application Materials


(i) Application Form for Ritsumeikan University Graduate School Grant for
  Publication of Doctoral Dissertation Fall semester AY2022

(ii) Copies of doctoral degree dissertation and the abstract
  *Submit the doctoral dissertation by PDF to the address below.
  E-mail address:
  Title: [AY2022 Fall Grant for Publication of Doctoral Dissertation]
  *Regarding the abstract, please submit the printed version.

(iii) Estimates from publishers (the estimate of translation expenses in case
   you used translation services).
  *Publishers you select must be based in Japan.
  As a general rule, estimates from more than one company are required.

  When submitting an estimate by one publisher only for any particular
  reason, explain the reasons
(iv) Publication approval by publishers in writing (free format)
(v) Research achievements (print out from Ri-SEARCH)
(vi) Copy of an application form for degree conferral
(vii)Copy of resume
*Must submit the copy of the resume which was attached when applying for doctoral degree conferral.

 ※1:For current students, please print out from Ri-SEARCH.
Ritsumeikan University Graduate Student Career Path Support Center「About Ri-SEARCH」

※2:If those who are completed the Doctoral Program apply for this grant, there are 2 ways to create “Research Achievements”.
1) Download the format below and fill in it.

Research Achievements Format

 2) Prepare this form in Ri-SEARCH and print it out. When entering the information in Ri-SEARCH, it is necessary to submit “Application for Extension of Use” to the Office of Graduate Studies. Please check the website below and take necessary actions.
<Note> It takes about 2 weeks to use Ri-SEARCH after submission.

Application forms

 ◎Notes(Make sure to read the application guidelines when applying for this grant.)

*Those who are recipients of JSPS Research Fellowships for Young Scientists or any other scholarships, and who want to find out if you are eligible to receive this grant, contact the Office of Graduate Studies (Kinugasa).

*When those who already completed their studies apply for this grant, submitting a copy of their application for degree conferral is not necessary. As for submitting research achievements, they can create them by downloading forms in designated formats from the website of the Graduate Student Career Path Support Center, or print out their research achievements by logging into the Ri-SEARCH. However, if those who already completed their studies want to use the Ri-SEARCH, an application for the continuous use must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies in advance. To be able to use the system, it would take approximately two weeks from the application.
Website to download the form (the website of the Graduate Student Career Path Support Center)
Website of Graduate Student Career Path Support Center, Ritsumeikan University “About Ri-SEARCH”

*This grant may be subject to tax under the Income Tax Act. Grant recipients shall perform all necessary procedures at his/her own responsibility, if required by law. For inquiries, contact the nearest Tax Office directly.

*Grant may be cancelled if any of the following apply to the recipients:
(1)When grant recipients could not publish his/her doctoral dissertation within the grant period; or found
 out that there was no chance to be able to publish his/her doctoral dissertation.
(2)When grant recipients’ dissertations submitted for
 doctoral degree conferral were not approved and doctoral degrees were not awarded.
(3)When we found out that the recipients wilfully made a false statement in application materials,
 documentary proofs or other submission documents, or when any other fraudulence was discovered.
(4)When grant recipients did not take the necessary procedures stated in the application guidelines.
(5) When plagiarism or fraudulence was detected in your doctoral dissertation.
(6)Other than above, when the decision was made by the dean of the Division of Academic Affairs that
 offering grant for publication of the doctoral dissertation is inappropriate.

Send to / Inquiries

Doctoral Dissertation Publication Grant Program Contact
Office of Graduate Studies (Kinugasa Campus)
56-1, Toji-in Kitamachi, Kita-ku, Kyoto 603-8577, JAPAN
TEL:075-465-8195 (external number)