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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is in Biwako-Kustsu Campus located at the top of hill near the lake BIWA (the biggest lake in Japan). The nearest railway station is JR Minami-Kusatsu station which is 17 min. from Kyoto and 47 min. from Osaka respectively. 
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The historical root is found at the private training school of electrical engineering (Shiritsu Denki Kogaku Koshusho) founded in 1914. The department has the longest history in College of Science and Engineering.


Expertise of the department covers the extremely broad range of Electrical, Electronic and Photonic Engineering which are the basic and indispensable infrastructure of modern society and human life.


Educational policy of the department is on the growth of the students who will correspond to future development of technology with the fundamental, flexible and applicable knowledge and skills of the expertise of Electrical, Electronic, Photonic Engineering.

Graduate School

More than 55% of undergraduate students go on to the major in the advanced electrical, electronic and computer systems of the graduate school of Ritsumeikan University. They concentrate to work hard on their own studies.

Job Hunting

More than 7,500 companies from the wide field of industry present job offers to students. The field of activity is infinite for them. Students can get job information in detailed through the student network which is a special connection between undergraduate students and graduated OB/OG who work in industry.


There are more than 12,000 Alumni of the department. The alumni party named "Ritsumei-Den-Yu-Kai", takes roles on “Building social network” and “Exchanging friendship”. The Alumni party recommends some engineers of the member as a lecturer to make lecture on Engineering development, “Mono-Tsukuri”, advance of technologies, career design and so on twice a year.


Field Keywords
Mathematics Probability statistics, Probability process, Time series analysis, Kerman filter molecular modeling, Non-linear mathematical engineering, Numerical analysis
Physics Statistical mechanics, Quantum physics, Semiconductor, Electronic device, Electromagnetism, Single electron device, Opto-electronic device physics, Opto-electronics
Material, device Electronic-material, Organic semiconductor, Nano-imprinting, Electronic devices, White LED, Environmentally friendly semiconductor, Material physics
Electrical appliance Electrical/Electronic circuits, Electromagnetism, Power electronics, Motor generator, Inverter, Converter, Control engineering, Measurement engineering, Signal processing, Image processing, High density opto-memory (DVD, Blue-ray), Liquid crystal/organic 3D display, Low energy consumption lighting, Recognition sensor, Light processing/measurement
Machinery Control engineering, Measurement engineering, Signal processing, Image processing, Power electronics, Car mounting optical interconnection, Optical sensor
Information technology, media Wavelength-division multiplex Optical communication, Antenna engineering, High frequency integrated circuit, Distributed/ cooperation sensing system, Bio-electromagnetism, Semiconductor laser, Optical sensor, High quality optical fiber, Very high speed optical technology, Optical communication network
Construction, Facility Visualization of floating, Dynamic sensing system, GPS
Environment, energy Electro-magnetic wave absorber, Micro wind power generation, High -frequency and –voltage inverter, Organic and inorganic solar cells, Distributed power source, Photovoltaic system, Optical monitoring for environment
Medical -human services Image processing, Microwave applicator, Micro structure formation, Visualization of voice signal, Molecular manipulation
Finance Time-series data prediction method, High security optical communication
Infrastructure Service Infrared light sensor system, GPS, Multi sounds-hearing system on visual information, Optical internet, Remote medical treatment and education, Video on Demand
Education Educational engineering, Probability statistics