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Paper・Presentation22 February 2019
A paper entitled "Recommendation to ASEAN nuclear development based on lessons learnt from the Fukushima nuclear accident" written by Mr. Kosai has been accepted for publication in Energy Policy
Activities11 February 2019
Eight students of our lab have finished their public defenses.
Information4 February 2019
Dr. Mahdi Ikhlayel has moved to the laboratory of Prof. Fukushima, Tohoku University.


Paper・Presentation15 January 2019
Our collaborative paper entitled "Structure and catalytic behavior of CuO-CeO2 prepared by High-Energy Ball Milling" by Prof. Dr. TheLuong Nguyen has been accepted to Royal Society Open Science.
Information1 January 2019
Collaborative research on "Development of innovative rare metal separation process using organic solvent (JST's program on "Innovation in manufacturing for new process of sustainable resource recycle") with Prof. Dr. Takahiro Miki has started.


Activities14,18 December 2018
We held a lunch party (14 Dec), and a jointed party for a welcome-party for junior students, welcome-home party of Ms. Fujimura, and end-of-year party (18 Dec.)
Activities01 December 2018
Eight number of junior students joined our lab.


Paper・Presentation29 November 2018 - 01 December 2018
Dr. Jordi and Prof. Yamasue participated Sino-Japan Symposium for Industrial Ecology held at Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Science, in Xiamen, China, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Ichiro Daigo and Prof. Dr. Weiqiang Chen.
Paper・Presentation21 November 2018
We are proud to share that one of our paper entitled "Investigation of Secondary Resource Flows Regarding of End-of-Life Vehicles (Elvs) in Small Islands: The Case of Kinmen, Taiwan" has been accepted to the journal "Sustainability".
Paper・Presentation17 November 2018
Mizuno-kun has a talk on a microwave smelting at Sympo2018 in Kokura.
Activities7 November 2018
Yesterday, we held dinner party!
Paper・Presentation7 November 2018
A paper entitled "Dynamic vulnerability in standalone hybrid renewable energy system" by Mr. Kosai has been published to a journal Energy Conversion and Management. Congratulations!!


Activities19 October 2018
Global workshop for Leading Engineers in Asia 2018 is held in Ritsumeikan University, and we give lab-introduction.
Paper・Presentation02 October 2018
Our paper entitled "Global Warming Potential and Total Material Requirement in Metal Production: Identification of Changes in Environmental Impact through Metal Substitution" by S. Kosai and E. Yamasue has been accepted to "Science of the Total Environment".
Information02 October 2018
New instruments in our lab. A DSC (= Differential scanning calorimetry) (RT-700C) and high temperatures DSC (RT-1500C) and TMA (= thermal mechanical analysis) have been installed.


Activities25 September 2018
A paper entitled "Vehicle Energy Efficiency Evaluation from Well-to-Wheel Lifecycle Perspective" based on Nakanishi-kun's graduation thesis has beec accepted to Transportatin Research Pard D: Transport and Environment.
Information23 September 2018
Ms. Fujimura of master course student has started to study abroad in Prof. Helmut Rechberger's laboratory at Vienna University of Technology.
Activities19-21 September 2018
Mr. Masih of master course student made a poster talk at ISIJ meeting.
Activities13-14 September 2018
We visited NSSMC Oita works and I2cener of Kyushu Univeristy.
Activities10-12 September 2018
We visited NSSMC Oita works and I2cener of Kyushu Univeristy.
Paper・Presentation3-7 September 2018
Prof. Yamasue, Dr. Jordi, Mizuno-kun (M1) and Kurogi-kun (UG) visited Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam for international conferences (Yamasue, Jordi, Mizuno), field survey (all), and an invited talk (Yamasue).


Activities13-15 August 2018
Dr. Sabatini and Prof. Yamasue visited world heritage in Yamaguchi prefecture for field survey.
Activities8 August 2018
We hold a joint seminar with Osaka City University (Mizutani lab), Kyoto Prefectural University (Yamakawa lab), and Ritsumeikan University (Hashimoto lab and Yamasue lab).


Information28 July 2018
Updated member page
  • added Dr. Mahdi Ikhlayel
  • added Mr. Nobuyuki Kinami
Paper・Presentation20 July 2018
A paper on the waste treatment in isolated island in Taiwan entitled "Waste shipments for energy recovery as a waste treatment strategy for small islands: the case of Kinmen, Taiwan" has been published to Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management.
Information19-20 July 2018
Kyoto meeting was held by theme-1 member (Umeda-lab, Kobayashi-lab, Matsumoto-group, Yamasue-lab) of Environmental research and Technology Development fund (S-16) at Kyoto Research Park.
  • Kyoto Research Park
Paper・Presentation15 July 2018
Prof. Yamasue made a talk entitled "Resource Intensity for Menu Items: How Much Land is Required to provide for each Dish?" at 10th Workshop on Multimedia for Cooking and Eating Activities in Stockholm, Sweden.
Information13 July 2018
Information7 July 2018
Mr. Mizuno, a master course student, will give his first oral talk entitled "Applicability of Wiedemann-Franz Law to Thermal Conductivity of Molten Field’s Metal" at the 13th International Conference on the Physical Properties and Application of Advanced Materials 2018 (ICPMAT2018) scheduled to be held from 4-7thSeptember 2018 in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Information7 July 2018
Ms. Fujimura will stay for three months or so at Prof. Rechberger's laboratory in TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology) from the end of September. She will learn a research method from the viewpoint of social sciences.
Paper・Presentation6 July 2018
A paper on the waste treatment in isolated island in Taiwan entitled "Waste shipments for energy recovery as a waste treatment strategy for small islands: the case of Kinmen, Taiwan" has been accepted to Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management.
Information1 July 2018
Dr. Mahdi Ikhlayel joins our laboratory as an assistant researcher.


Information28 June 2018
A book on phosphorus recycling and recovery partly written by Prof. Yamasue has been published.
Information28 June 2018
A paper on power reliability evaluation written by Mr. Kosai entitled "Evaluating Power Reliability Dedicated for Sudden Disruptions: Its Application to Determine Capacity on the Basis of Energy Security" has been published to "Sustainability".
Information18-21 June 2018
Prof. Yamasue gave following three presentations RFG2018 held in Vancouver, Canada;
  1. Criticality Analysis of Rare Earth Elements based on Total Material Requirement)
  2. Minerals-Energy Nexus and the Future of Low-Carbon Technologies (by McLellan, Kyoto University)
  3. Global trends in resource demand for technological shift in the automotive industry from the viewpoint of Total Material Requirement (by Prof. Matsubae, Tohoku University)
  • Prof. Matsubae, Tohoku University
  • McLellan, Kyoto University
ご案内1 June 2018
On 15 June 2018 (Fri), a Tatara ironmaking will be demonstrated.
Activities1 June 2018
Mr. Mizuno (master course student) made a poster presentation at Aster forum.


Information25 May 2018
Prof. Yamasue carried out a field survey at a copper mine in Bor, Serbia.
Information24 May 2018
Prof. Yamasue gave an invited talk at Nobi Sad University, Serbia.
Information23 May 2018
Prof. Yamasue gave a talk on "Decoupling" at an international conference (SAM12) held in Metz, France.
Information19 May 2018
Prof. Yamasue visited TU Wien, Vienna, Austria.
Activities4 May 2018


A paper on crystal structures and electronic band structures for hypothetic lithium boron nitride intercalation compounds co-authored with Dr. Jungryang Kim has been accepted for the publication for Journal of Alloys and Compounds.
ご案内9 April 2018
Information1 April 2018
New fiscal year (2018) in Japan has started, and 8 undergraduate students formally join our laboratory. Let's enjoy!!