Activities in 2017

30 March 2018New room preparation and small BBQ.

  • Our lab got a new roomOur lab got a new room. We made it up to be "No Shoes".
  • Small BBQ partySmall BBQ party
  • What is this?What is this? :-)
  • Masih is cooking Afghanistan foodMasih is cooking Afghanistan food!!
  • We have Halal pot and Halal hot-plate for MuslimWe have Halal pot and Halal hot-plate for Muslim.
  • Got tired but enjoyable day!!Got tired but enjoyable day!!

14-16 March 2018Visiting Hanoi University of Science and Technology

  • Breakfast meetingBreakfast meeting
  • @Prof. Huy's laboratory@Prof. Huy's laboratory
  • Meeting with agricultural researchersMeeting with agricultural researchers.
  • Institute tourInstitute tour.
  • Enjoying tasty lunchEnjoying tasty lunch.
  • A tasty hot pot!!A tasty hot pot!!
  • Some students kindly introduced Hanoi city. They gave us Non laSome students kindly introduced Hanoi city. They gave us Non la.
  • Dr. Jordi with Prof. QuangDr. Jordi with Prof. Quang
  • A dinner before departureA dinner before departure.
  • Dr. Jordi and Mr. Kosai also participated as well as me, and carried out field survey, followed by a meeting for our collaboration with Prof. Quang and Prof. Huy, etc. We would lke to say thank you for their hospitality. We will visit again on September.

2018.3.22-farewell party-

  • farewell party
  • Congratulations on your graduation!
    We wish you luck in all your future endeavors.

27 Feb 20184th operation of Tatata ironmaking

  • Many people visited usMany people visited us.
  • My students also joinedMy students also joined.
  • Effective use of waste heatEffective use of waste heat..
  • A bit interviewedA bit interviewed
  • Start of iron removalStart of iron removal.
  • A big productA big product.
  • Never forget cleaningNever forget cleaning.
  • Appreciating Japanese swordAppreciating Japanese sword
  • Celebrating his retirement and 60-years-oldCelebrating his retirement and 60-years-old.

2018.2.25Contribution of Prof. Yamasue to Zeze high school is appeared in a newspaper.


2017.11.30~2017.12.03A study trip to Taiwan

  • In taiwan to give a presentation.Fujimura, a 4th year undergraduate, visited National Tsing Hua University(NTHU) in Taiwan to give a presentation.
  • TSMC Museum Of Innovation.After we arrived at Hsinchu city, We visited the TSMC Museum Of Innovation.
  • PresentationsOn the second day, all of us gave presentations in front of students at NTHU.
    We had a great time and fruitful discussion.
  • Free timeOn the third day, we had a free time for sightseeing.
    We made a plan for that by ourselves and went some areas by local public transportation.
  • Taiwanese foodAs was expected, Taiwanese food was tasty and their prices were good.
    Especially, the fried rice pictured on the right seems like a Japanese normal fried rice, but the taste was really good.
  • National Tsing Hua University(NTHU)During this training trip, I was overwhelmed by the abilities of the students at NTHU.
    I got motivation from them, and strongly felt I would like to improve my English skills.

2017.9.20A joint meeting at Tohoku University was held

  • Seminarupper left:Oyaizu
    upper right:Nakanishi
    lower left:Komada
    lower right:Fujimura
  • Seminarupper left:Nishiura
    upper right:Fukushima
    lower left:Narimoto
    lower right:Mizuno
  • researcher:Kosairesearcher:Kosai
  • SeminarEveryone worked hard in the seminar.
    Good job!!!
  • DinnerWe had a social gathering after the seminar.
  • DinnerIt was very very exciting!
  • DinnerWe had various deep talks about research and private.
  • MatsushimaWe did sightseeing in Matsushima the next day of seminar.
  • Fukuura BridgeWe went to the Fukuura Bridge.
    The wind felt good and the view was amazing!
  • Local beersLocal beers were also excellent!
  • kaisen-donWe ate kaisen-don and sushi for lunch.
    Everything was fresh and tasty!
  • This time was a seminar with Tohoku University. Oyaizu got the first prize and Fujimura also got an excellence award in Yamasue laboratory. We could spend fulfilling two days including social gatherings and sightseeing. Let's do our best in the second half

2017.9.6-8Report of domestic conference participation (ISIJ)

  • Hokkaido UniversityWe went to Hokkaido University to participate in an academic conference.
    The campus was large enough so our legs got too tired exploring it.
  • Hokkaido UniversityA warm welcoming of our arrival!
  • Mr. OyaizuOn the second day of the conference, Mr. Oyaizu, a graduate student, presented his poster presentation.
  • Mr. FujimuraFujimura, a graduate student, also attended various presentations among audience.
  • FoodsFoods of cafeteria at Hokkaido University was really delicious.
    We hope we could have such delicious meals at BKC soon enough…
  • TsukkomeshiWith suggestion of our Professor we had a famous meal named “Tsukkomeshi(つっこ飯)”! and we really enjoyed it.
  • DinnerStories and life experiences of the professors were totally meaningful and useful for us during dinner gathering party.
  • Sapporo cityWe consumed the extra calorie through a night street walking after the wonderful dinner and too much eating. This is one of the photos we took while walking in Sapporo city. This is one of the photos we took while walking there.