Activities in 2019

2019.12.23End of year party

  • We held a jointed party for a welcome-party for 3rd grade students and end-of-year party.
  • Let's do our best next year!!

2019.10.26International Symposium (Harmonic 2019)

  • Harmonic 2019
  • M2 Mr. Mizuno
  • M2 Ms. Fujimura
  • He wins a poster award!

2019.9.4-6Joint meeting of Tohoku University

  • We went to Sendai from September 4th to 6th.
  • On the first day, we drank after we had arrived at Sendai.
  • On the second day, there was a joint meeting of Tohoku University.
    Masihullah (M2), Zhu (M1), Kurogi (M1), Takata (M1), Arnidah (B4), Hasina (B4), Onishi (B4), Nakamura (B4) and Kohara (B4) made a presentation.
  • Masihullah's presentation.
  • Kurogi's presentation.
  • Kohara’s presentation.
    He confidently made a presentation. It's hard to believe that he is a B4 student.
We had a social-gathering party after the meeting.
We became friends.
On the third day, we saw the sights of Matsushima.
It was really beautiful scenery.
  • We ate lunch at a fish market.
  • Oysters were very delicious.
  • The third day’s dinner was Ox Tongue at Sendai airport.
    We fully enjoyed meeting and sightseeing in Sendai !!

2019.8.5A public defense for Mr. Masihullah Ahmadi was held.

  • Masi was giving his presentation.
  • A photo with YAMASUE-sensei.
  • He also took a photo with YAMASUE-lab members. You made it !!
We held a party after his public defense. YAMASUE-sendsei prepared Masih a cake, and he was really happy.

2019.8.3We had a joint meeting of 3 universities ( 4 labs ) in Osaka.

・Ritsumeikan Univ - Yamasue lab
・Ritsumeikan Univ - Hashimoto lab
・Kyoto Prefectural Univ - Yamakawa lab
・Osaka City Univ - Mizutani lab

Mizuno(M2), Fujimura(M2), Nakagawa(M1), Watanabe(B4), Nakaura(B4), and Murakami(B4) attended this meeting.

  • Mizuno’s presentation
    He looks very dignified !
  • Watanabe's presentation
    He looks so nervous...
  • Yamasue-sensei gave us mercy comments.
  • A group photo after the meeting.
  • We had a social-gathering party after the meeting !!
Mizuno, Fujimura, Watanabe, and Murakami received a prize.

Good job !

2019.7.16-17Learning how to make a pig iron in the ancient tatara-iron making process with high school students came from Osaka.
First day

Yamasue sensei held a seminar about tatara-iron making process.
High school students were enjoyed to enter this seminar !
  • A tatara-iron making furnace was gradually structured with high school students.
  • At the end of first day, the furnace was completely constructed.
  • Barbecue time!
  • Yamasue-sensei cooked a BBQ for the high school students.

Second Day

  • In the tatara-iron making process, iron sand (magnetite) was mixed with charcoals to obtain iron.
  • After several hours from the start of operation, bricks (furnace refractants) were gradually removed.
  • The iron bloom formed in the tatara-iron making process (named Kera) was tried to remove from the furnace.

Despite quite hot day, thanks all participants for entering this project (tatara-iron making process).

  • The Kera was finally removed from the furnace.
  • This photo shows the inside wall of the furnace after removing the Kera.

4-6 June 2019The Spring meeting of the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy, 2019

  • The Spring meeting of the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy, 2019Ms. Fujimura give a talk on hydrogen generation using waste material.

12-19 May 2019ISIE-SEM in Berlin

  • We went to Berlin to present in ISIE-SEM2019
  • We had Singaporean dinner with Prof. Matsubae, Ms. Oita and Mr. Katagiri.
    German beer was very delicious!!!
  • ISIE-SEM was held in Harnack House.
    There were foxes in the garden.
  • Prof. Yamasue presented his research results on the first day.
  • A glass cup was broken by Prof. Yamasue. Poor thing…
  • Many participant gathered at the beer garden near the venue after conference on the first day.
  • Takata(M1) and Nakagawa(M1) presented their research results as a poster presenter on the second day.
  • Takata and Nakagawa (after their presentation)
  • Wrap-up party!!
    We had German traditional food and beer!!
    Prof. Yamasue went to Italy via Vienna from Berlin in the next day.

9 May 2019Reported by Nakamura

  • party’s dishesThe first party’s dishes are Takoyaki and Fried chicken.
    In consideration of our international students, we used halal foods.
  • Professor YAMASUE was pleased with Fried chicken!Professor YAMASUE was pleased with Fried chicken!
  • In the second party, we drank and ate pizz. We were excited.In the second party, we drank and ate pizz. We were excited.

    This party allowed us to deepen our friendship.