Doctoral ProgramFeatures

Broad Support for Career Options and Obtaining a Doctoral Degree

With the increasing sophistication of today’s society, there is a high demand for human resources with advanced knowledge. Not only universities and other research institutions, but also an increasing number of international organizations are looking for people who have doctoral degrees in relevant fields.

Doctoral students in the Graduate School of International Relations will be assigned several main and sub academic advisors who will guide them from developing appropriate research to completing Ph.D. dissertation. Doctoral students are also required to do at least two oral presentations at the faculty seminars every year so that they can receive feedback from other faculty members on their ongoing research projects.

They are encouraged to report their research findings at relevant academic conferences and contribute articles to academic journals.

In addition, doctoral students are required to submit a research paper every year and are objectively assessed on whether or not there is a consistent improvement of writing doctoral dissertation.

Since 2010, as a Ritsumeikan University-wide effort, we have been supporting the career formation of graduate students who enroll in doctoral programs and established a doctoral career path support center for helping to build up to a career.

Working together with the Office of Career Service and the Division of Research, we will continue to support graduate students to build up the skills and information services that are necessary after completing graduate school.

Career Options/ Job Placement
[Professorship/ Research posts]
  • Ritsumeikan University
    College of Social Sciences,
    College of International Relations, Kinugasa Research Institute
  • Kanto Gakuin University
  • The University of Kitakyushu
  • Chiba University
  • The University of Tokyo
  • University of Tsukuba
  • Indonesia University
  • Institute of Developing Economies Japan External Trade Organizatio, etc.
[Other Specialist Personnel]
  • Ritsumeikan University
    Specialized Administrative Staff,
    Division of International Affairs, etc.
Efforts taken by the Doctoral Student Career Path Support Center in 2013
  • Various courses and seminars to supporting a career-development
  • Career counseling
  • Academic record and career history of young researchers engine (Ri-SEARCH)
  • Management of scholarship and research promotion systems
    Support for fellowship application and funding, Post-doctoral student scholarships: KENKYU-SHOREI Scholarship, KOKUSAITEKI Research Fund, GAKKAI-HAPPYO Grant
  • Building of partnerships between research institutes and corporate enterprises to expand student career paths
  • Collect, accumulate and analyze information on career path formation
  • Provide information about various seminars and employment opportunities

Student Voice

I am making the most of my study abroad experience in an inspiring environment


Ph.D. Program

I chose Ritsumeikan University for my study abroad destination because they had classes taught in English and they seemed to offer an international atmosphere. Once the classes have started, to my surprise, the atmosphere on the campus was more international than I had imagined because of so many international students from all over the world. There are communities of international students so that I rare felt lonely living in a foreign country. My research theme at the graduate school is related to the process of modernization and nationalization in Russia and Japan during early 19th century. There are not many researchers who study on Russia at Ritsumeikan University, however my advisor, professor Norihisa Yamashita has been providing me with great support on how to approach my research theme. Here I can refer to Japanese literatures which I won’t be able to obtain in Russia, which gives me an opportunity to complete my dissertation more objectively and gain an experience in the research field for the future career.


Presentation and Publication Opportunities

The Graduate School of International Relations offers various presentation opportunities in the process of research guidance for graduate students as well as promotion and support in presenting at conferences and submission of their research results to journals both home and abroad, publicated thesis collections issued by International Studies Association of Ritsumeikan University. Through forums and workshops, the school provides opportunities for presenting research results by graduate students.

Titles of these papers published in journals can be found on GSIR website. There are opportunities for Master’s and Doctoral students to show their acquired knowledge at the international symposiums held on campus.

Furthermore, Master’s and Doctoral students have opportunities to present their knowledge and findings of study at international symposiums on-campus, and also graduate students of research group provides the opportunity to brush up and present your own research outcome.

One of the Master’s program students is acting as a commentator at the international symposium “Building toward New Peace Study”

Publications by the Academic Association of International Relations
International Relations (Wabun Ronsyu)
Ritsumeikan Annual Review of International Studies (Eibun Ronsyu)
In these thesis collections, PhD students as well as International Relations professors report their research results.
Ritsumeikan Journal of International Studies (Insei Ronsyu)
A collection of articles which submission opportunity is open to PhD students.
Working paper series
Working paper series is an opportunity for presenting study results as well as showing active research work of the school by faculty, graduate students and researchers. Since the implementation of the graduate school GP program, we have been supporting and encouraging submissions from graduate students as well as from PhD students.
GSIR Master’s Thesis Collection (Shushi Ronbun-shu)
Master’s Program in International Relations places a stronger emphasis on thesis guidance. Outstanding works are selected from all submitted Master’s theses and published as GSIR Master’s Thesis Collection.