Sociology, International Migration, American Studies

Research Topic

My research interest is to rethink sociological concepts of ethnicity through the historical experiences of Japanese immigrants in the United States. Now I seek the new concept of “community”and "multiculturalism" by focusing on the history of multiracial or multiethnic communities in urban America. I am also interested in comparative studies of migration in the Transpacific area.

Message for Applicants

One important thing for graduate students is to discuss various topics with fellow students with very different backgrounds. I, as a teacher, would like to build our school up to be an academic community to train your sense of international issues,

Advised Master’s Thesis (Last 5 years)

  • 韓国=フィリピン間の「複線的移動」: 「複線的移動」を動機付ける韓国側の社会条件に着目して
  • 戦後日本の「混血児問題」とエリザベス・サンダース・ホーム:多文化社会日本をめぐる歴史的考察
  • Contemporary migration issues in Norway and migration policy from the early 2000s