International Economy, International Surplus Capital

Research Topic

Based on my own concept “international surplus capital” which includes bank loan, bond investment, and stock investment, I have conducted a research on historical development of the world economy. I recently have a strong interest in the global financial crisis ignited by the subprime mortgage loan. Dialectics as a basic methodology of social sciences is also my research topic for a long time.

Message for Applicants

When I was an undergraduate student in economics, I organized with my friends a study group for reading so-called “classics” of economics and social sciences. I successfully acquired the ability of reading and understanding tough literatures in my specialty. Applied research could be based only on a basic and painstaking training of this kind. I hope that you would have such an experience in your undergraduate years if you want to study in a graduate school.

Advised Master’s Thesis (Last 5 years)

  • The Dynamic Sino-Japanese Relations in East China Sea:An Energy Rivalry?
  • 米国投資銀行における収益構造の変化とトレーディング業務
  • The Impact of Russia's Economic Growth on Japanese Multinationals
  • メキシコ輸出工業化以降のマキラドーラ産業と農業の関係-ソノラ州におけるマキラドーラ労働者の男性比率上昇と小麦農家の衰退-
  • 中国自動車産業-中国ナショナルブランドの誕生-
  • Mexico's Development, a Strategy about Manufactures

Advised Doctoral Dissertations

  • 国際ネットワーク寡占体制の構造と動態-アメリカ主導の国際航空自由化の現段階-
  • 1920年代アメリカの資本輸出 - 独占利潤のマネーフローと利益集団の海外進出 -
  • 多国籍企業の財務的側面に関する考察-企業内貿易を通じた利益操作、優遇税制の活用、クロスボーダーM&Aによる資本結合-
  • The New Political Economy of Agricultural Development and Food Security in sub-Saharan Africa (サブサハラ・アフリカにおける農業開発と食糧安全保障の新政治経済学)