Cultural Studies, Media studies, Creative/Cultural Industries Studies: Critical Brand Studies

Research Topic

My research interests include media and cultural studies, brand and branding, , new media, creative/cultural industries and cultural globalization. I am particularly interested in theorizing these issues in Japanese and East Asian context and from 'post Birmingham' media and cultural studies perspective. My interest and approach to research stems from and is informed by my experience of working in a global advertising agency and subsequent involvement in a couple of Internet start-ups in New York and Tokyo.

Message for Applicants

I am looking to supervise projects that are concerned with the issue of media and cultural studies in Japanese and East Asian contexts. I am encouraging research that is grounded in cutting edge theories and thick empirical research to produce world-class research.

Advised Master’s Thesis (Last 5 years)

  • Satire in Japanese TV Shows The Nature of Satirical TV Programs During The Years of Junichirō Koizumi's Presidency and The Liberal Democratic Party's Hegemony Crisis
  • The representation of Chinese―the image of Chinese in Japanese TV dramas
  • Domestic and International Strategies and Structure of the Japanese Advertising Industry