International Relations, Political Science, History of Political Thought, Normative Science

Research Topic

I specialize in International Relations, History of Political Thought, Political Science, and Normative Science. My research focuses on the social theories’ analysis of Inter-state relations, International Society and Global Civil Society. In particular, I am currently working on the research to clarify the system of transnational governance and its norms, which are established by not only states or international organizations but also non-state actors that regulate themselves voluntarily.

Message for Applicants

Graduate school is one of the few precious places where you can devote yourself to study, leaded by your intellectual curiosity. Let's wander in "the forest of truth" discussing with joy in our heart. I try to support you as a map or a guide of the forest.

Advised Master’s Thesis (Last 5 years)

  • Soft Power Bridging the Nations: Bulgarian-Japanese Intercultural Relations before and after 1990
  • イギリスの移民政策と、“選別”をめぐるポイントシステム及び国籍・帰化制度の分析 ~移民と国民の統合問題~
  • 国際関係論における認知科学のメタ理論的インプリケーションについての一考察