KOGA BROWES, Scott Philammon

KOGA BROWES, Scott Philammon

Programs and Languages

  • Master's Programenglish
  • Doctoral Programenglish


Media Studies, Visual Semiotic Analysis of TV News

Research Topic

My primary interest is in news production, particularly the production of the images used in television news. I also have broader interests in Japan's mass media, from the effects of technological shifts such as digitalisation on television networks to the ways newspapers are sold - and in broader issues related to visual communication in its various forms.

Message for Applicants

Most of the information we rely on to know about the world around us comes via various types of mass media, television, news websites, newspapers, films and so on. However, the mass media are not neutral institutions which simply pass us facts about the real world we cannot directly experience. The information we received is changed by its passage through the mass media. If you want to understand the world you need to understand the media.
If you are interested in doing research into any aspect of media production or media texts in Japan then please get in touch, my speciality is news but the techniques I use, content and textual analysis, are broadly applicable to many different types of media text.

Advised Master’s Thesis (Last 5 years)

  • Behind the Censorship National Security Justification and Economic Motivation
  • Health Information via Television: The Effects of Information from Japan on Thailand's Use of Media in Health Promotion
  • International Influences on the Production Process of the Japanese Animation Industry: Perspectives of Industry-Related Personnel
  • Migrant Caregivers in Japan:
    Policy Rhetoric and Media Coverage