International Development and Cooperation, Development Economics, International Relations, Area Study (South and South East Asia)

Research Topic

Originally my interest was lying in social and economic development in South and South East Asia. After having be stationed in Afghanistan as a staff of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), I was also interested in post conflict “Peace-Building” or “State-Building” and have published some papers and a book. With paying high respect to academic disciplines (economics, political study...), I would like to address contemporarily global issues with inter-disciplinary views.

Message for Applicants

Although you have chance to study broadly at the undergraduate level, you have time-constrain to reach to core contents of each academic fields. Those who would like to know the application of academic knowledge to real world or how theories were come up with should consider to proceed to the graduate school.

It is so important as well as quite difficult to understand the academic journal and books. Viewing them through what are really happening in the world helps you realize them. In addition, it will contribute you to acquire new knowledge. When you have such an opportunity, you will realize the value of research.

Advised Master’s Thesis (Last 5 years)

  • Energy Poverty in Mongolia
    In the Context of Ger Area Expansion Surrounding Ulaanbaatar City

  • Rural Poverty Surrounded by Natural Gas Wealth in Mozambique: Analysing the Gas Regime in the Pande and Temane Project