International Finance, International Economics, International Development Finance, Development Macroeconomics, Regional/Global Economies

Research Topic

1. Empirical and theoretical analyses on the effects of international capital flows, including ’Capital Account Crises’

2. Framework and measures for capital and financial management and controls

3. The programs of Bretton Woods Organizations (IMF, World Bank)

4. Stabilization of international financial systems/ architectures

5. Policy measures for sustainable and stable economic development and growth

6. Monetary policies in the context of international monetary and financial economics

Message for Applicants

Major lectures/ seminar courses include International economics and monetary affairs, development economics, as well as international political economy. My interests in economics are not only confined to international economics and monetary economics, but also analyses on the Japanese economy and the advanced and emerging economies as well. I myself has experienced in working as a staff member of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and an economist at a private think tank (Nomura Research Institute), during which I visited so many countries globally, over 55 countries. I have acquaintances with academic scholars and important persons in several relevant organizations/ institutions in the public and private sectors globally. I have undertaken several study tours to visit the UN/International organisations, government institutions in the US, Europe and Asia for students. In September 2017、an intensive programme of study visits in Tokyo was undertaken, and we visited relevant organizations including, UNDP. UNIDO, ILO, UNHCR, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, JETRO, JICA, JBIC, Japan Credit Bureau, Nomura Research Institute (NRI).

Advised Master’s Thesis (Last 5 years)

  • Bridging the Gap in Access to Finance by Small and Medium Enterprises in Sudan
  • Sino-Japanese regional environmental cooperation-a case study of Team-E-Kansai
  • PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL IN INDONESIAN LOCAL GOVERNMENT A Case Study of Civil Servant Evaluation based on Targets and Behaviors in Banyumas Regency
  • Managing Capital Flows For Stable Growth:The Impact of Capital Flows on Domestic Saving as Economic Growth in Nigeria
  • Emergency Management in Indonesian Local Government: A Case study of disaster management practices in Yogyakarta Special Region
  • Adoption of E-Government in Indonesian Local Government: Case Study of Electronic Monitoring and Evaluation System of Local Budget Realization in Balangan Regency
  • Improving Access to Finance for SMEs in Vietnam Lessons learnt from Japan's experiences
  • Promotion of the food industry as a key for the sustainable, long-term development of the Kyrgyz Republic economy
  • Policy for Development in Human Resources in Senegal through the spectrum of the Bretton Woods Organizations
  • Evaluation of the IMF programs and its impact on the economic development in the Kyrgyz Republic
  • New Challenges of Cross-Border Capital Flows:
    Capital Management and Controls in China
  • アジアインフラ投資銀行(AIIB)の成立と今後の課題

Advised Doctoral Dissertations

    • Regional Value Chains and the Japanese Automotive Production Network in Southeast Asia(日本企業によるASEAN自動車生産ネットワーク構築と地域ヴァリューチェーン(RVC)の変化)

    • Domestic Savings Mobilization: A Tool for Closing Investment-Savings Gap in Lao PDR(ラオスにおける国内貯蓄の活用-貯蓄・投資ギャップ解消に向けた考察と提言-)