Constitutional Law, Peace Studies

Research Topic

My research interest is to explore constitution and constitutionalism from the perspectives of international politics, international relations, and peace studies. Particularly I have revisited the pacifism of the Japanese Constitution in relation to peace studies and NGO activities, and in the context of East Asian politics. My recent research topic is global constitutionalism. I am involved in NGO activities myself. Every year I nominate a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Message for Applicants

My recent research topics are comparative studies of constitutional "peace" provisions and an inquiry on peace-building and constitution-making. I am also interested in a dialogue between the miltary and civil society (civilians and NGOs). I particularly welcome students who share my research interests.

Advised Master’s Thesis (Last 5 years)

  • Sharpening the Republic by Grinding Down Empire Base Politics and the Search for Authentic Military Transformation
  • 日本軍「慰安婦」被害者の救済
  • 国内避難民問題の恒久的解決に向けた政策の履行と「国内強制移動に関する指導原則」の検証 -スリランカ国内避難民の事例に基づく考察-
  • Reviewing the Quasi-Alliance Model between South Korea and Japan in the Age of Uncertainty:
    Impact of Inter-Korea Relations on Security Dynamics in East Asia
  • “Rural Tourism in Nepal: Strengths and Challenges:
    A Case Study of Panauti, Kavrepalanchok, Nepal”

Advised Doctoral Dissertations

  • 韓国憲法における平和条項の規範と現実 ―民主化、憲法裁判所、「二つの法体系」論―
  • 世界秩序を構想する学習による平和教育の再構築 ―中等教育におけるカリキュラム開発と実践―