A Special Lecture on “Transition and Structure of Japanese ODA” by H.E. Ambassador Mr.Shigeru Nakamura

On November 15, 2017, the Graduate School of International Relations organized a special lecture om “Transition and Structure of Japanese ODA” by H.E. Ambassador Mr.Shigersu Nakamura.

As a diplomat of the Japanese ministry of foreign affairs, Mr.Nakamura was assigned to formulate Japanese aid policy and coordinate reconstruction of Iraq. In addition, he has rich experiences to deliver lectures in some prominent universities in Japan. At the lecture, Mr.Nakamura explained a brief history Japanese ODA and transition of its targets from “compensation for World War 2” in 1950s, economic & social development in 60 to 80s and “Peace-building” and “human security” after 2000. Particularly the relation between aid and diplomacy was quite interesting and realistic topics for the students from abroad. In the Q & A session, questions on characteristics of yen loan, grant aid and technical assistance, the future of Japanese ODA in financial burden were raised and followed by active discussions.

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