KOKUNAI Research Fund(Domestic Research Fund)

Aim and Qualification

This is the research fund is designed to accelerate and support the domestic research activities of Doctoral students


Applicants must fulfill all of the following requirements:

A) Must be an officially enrolled student of the graduate school in either the Ritsumeikan University Graduate School Doctoral Degree Program or in Year 3 or above in the Integrated Doctoral Program

* Graduate School Doctoral Degree Program includes 4 year Doctoral Degree Program.

B) Must undertake research for 5 consecutive days (excluding travel days) or more in Academic Year 2020(April 1, 2020– March 31, 2021) at a university (other than Ritsumeikan University) or research organization while officially enrolled at Ritsumeikan University.

C) Must not be a research fellowship recipient of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science in Academic Year 2020.

D) Must not be receiving scholarship grants and/or financial sponsorship that prohibit the receipt of additional financial aid.

D) Those who were selected as recipients of this fund less than twice while being enrolled.

*This Research Grant is distributed once a year, and three times during enrollment per selected applicant.

*Please be sure to check the details in the Application Guidelines.

Application Procedures

Application will be accepted by the submission of designated application form and required documents together and submit them within the application period.
*Please read the Application Guidelines carefully when making Application Form.

  • Application Period:
  • Monday, May 18, 2020 to Friday, May 22, 2020(by 5:00 p.m. *JST)

Applicants must make the application form by Ri-SEARCH

Procedures for the Recipients

We will hold a briefing session for the recipients. Selected applicants must attend.

Briefing Session
Subject:Important reminder the procedure hereafter.
If you cannot attend a briefing due to an unavoidable reason, contact to the Office of Graduate Studies before the briefing on your graduate school campus.

Research Report

The recipients of this fund should report their research result. Please submit the Research Report(form 4)and Poster by data and original documents by March 19,2021.
And also we will have the oral or poster presentation session for the research achievement.

Download Forms 

2020 Application Guideline(2020.3.31up)

2020 Application Documents Check List(2020.3.31up)

2020 Application Form(form 1)(2020.3.31up)

2020 Expenditure Implementation Plan(form 2)

2020 Guidelines for the KOKUNAI Research Fund

2020 Expenditure Implementation Report(form 3)

2020 Research Report(form 4)

2020 Notification of Bank Account Information(form5)

Inquiry Office

Inquiry Office
Kinugasa Campus Shitoku-kan 4F 075-465-8195