Special Section : Social Health Insurance as a Health Safety Net in Japan, the US, and France
MATSUDA Ryozo  Social Health Insurance as a Health Safety Net in Japan, the US, and France :
An introduction
HASEGAWA Chiharu  Is the safety net for healthcare in Japan fraying? :
Employment, health insurance, and public assistance

TAKAYAMA Kazuo  Health Insurance and the Health Safety Net :
The Affordable Care Act and its Effects on Safety Net Providers in the United States

Monika STEFFEN  Universalism and Private Funding :
The French Model of Universal Medical Coverage

James Warner BJÖRKMAN  Social Health Insurance as a Health Safety Net :
Comments on Analyses of Health Care in Japan and the United States

TAKAGI Masao  Japan’s Oldest-old Population in the Edo Period (2) :
An Attempt to Use Historical Materials of the Naoshima Island, Uwajima and Sendai Domain, 1720-1872

FUJIHARA Hiromi  Alternative Media Research in the Digital Age :
Rethinking the Concepts and Definitions of “Alternative” from Previous Western Studies Undertaken since 2000

MUTO Atsushi  An Approach to Studies on and the Practice of Maternal and Child Living Support Facilities to Halt the Decrease in the Number of Facilities :
Valuable Suggestions from Postwar Studies on Homes for Mothers and Children

Research Notes:
AIHARA Susumu, ENDO Yasuko  A Study of Dance Practice in the Ghana Dance Ensemble
KOJIMA Rieko  Role of Nursing Personnel in (Re)-Construction of Couple Identity :
Consideration of Support Practices for Enhancing “We-ness” Based on literature Review
Briefs of Doctoral Dissertation:
FUJIMOTO Yoshitaka, Epistemological Emphasis and its Applicability to Family-Clinical Studies in Early Research:Based on the Theories of Bateson, Laing & Esterson, and the Concept of Adult-Children
IKEDA Saori, Making Relationships in Old Age and “Ability to Live” : An Analysis by Case Study of Agricultural Area and Life History of Elderly People
ZHANG Rui, The Research on the Development-Support for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in China
MANIWA Daisuke, The critical research for arbitrariness and violence about “Beginning” in Hannah Arendt’s argument on the Foundation of Freedom