Serial Number 636

A Special Issue
in Honour of
on the Occasion of
His Retirement


Atsuki Higashiyama: A Review of the Book "The Mystery of the Moon Illusion:
  Exploring Size Perception" by H. R. Ross and C. Plug

Akiyoshi Kitaoka: Casting Doubt on Visual Illusion

Wataru Zaitsu: Towards a Correct Understanding of Polygraph Tests

Mikari Tada: Grasping Visually Presented Objects without Actual Grasping Experience

Yasuhiro Kawabata & Miho Kawabata: Individual Differences and Skill for 100-hue
  Discrimination in Normal Color Vision

Keiko Sato: Analysis of Color Impression Considering Individual Characteristics

Sakura Torii: Attempting to Express Strong-impression Face Images from Features of
  Spatial Frequency: A Consideration of Billiken Statues and Bijin-ga

Shosaku Tanaka: Hierarchically Creating English Academic Expression Lists:
  New Application of an Institutional Repository as a Language Resource

Michiko Miyahara: Is Irrelevant Meaningful Speech the Most Distractive Auditory Stimulus
  on Cognitive Activities?

Hiroki Yamamoto & Ryo Orita: Do Readers Really Benefit from Headings during Their Whole
  Reading Comprehension Processes?: A Consideration Using a PC Sequential Evaluation

Yato Yuko & Isoyo Sugimoto: Effects of Preschoolers' Educational Program Using
  a Motorcycle

Masasi Hattori: Figure and Ground in Thinking: The Affirmation?negation Asymmetry
  as a Consequence of Framing

Tokuko Ogawa & Kayoko Kihara: Can Serial Position Effect Be Observed in
  All the Word Lists?

Ikuko Kyoya: The Relation between Abstract Concepts and Concrete Information:
  A Comparison of Concrete Words and Abstract Words

Masaomi Oda: Casting Doubt on Common Factors That Define Attractiveness

March 2014
Edited by
The Literary Association of Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan