The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 666

A Special Issue
in Honour of
on the Occasion of
His Retirement

Kazuhito Kawashima: A Background of Herbert John Fleure as a Marine Zoologist
in Guernsey: Prior to Becoming a Geographer
Keiji Yano: Address System Used in Kyoto and Its Problems Regarding Geocoding
Shinji Miyamoto: Geo-environmental Analysis in Yasu River Alluvial Lowland, Central Japan
Eisuke Ono: Sedimentary Environment Changes in the Shirakawa Alluvial Fan
since the Late Pleistocene, Eastern Margin of the Kyoto Basin, Southwestern Japan
Masahiro Nukata: The Relics of Embankments and Geomorphological Environment
in the Wakayama Plain
Kazumasa Hanaoka: Residential Distribution of Recent Immigrants in Australia:
Analysis Based on Census Data
Shinji Koga: Changes in the Locations of High-Rise Office Buildings in the Central Area
of Takamatsu between 1987 and 2019
Hideki Endo: Transnational Disney: Tourist Sites Where Material Things Walk Around
Koji Kanda: The Relations between the Real-World Pokémon GO Events and the Local Area:
A Study Focusing on the Event Named Pokémon GO Safari Zone in YOKOSUKA in 2018
Tomoyuki Usami: Changes in Settlement Distribution and Location Patterns during the First
Half of the Yayoi Period in Northern Kyushu: The Formation Process of Early Farming Societies in Japan as Seen from Settlement Pattern Changes
Tasuku Aso: Christianity and State Shinto in Modern Japan
Masahiro Kato: ‘Yaeshima’ Entertainment District: A Socio-Spatial Brief History of ‘Bar-area’
(Red Light District)in the U.S. Military Base-Centered City of Koza, Okinawa
Naomi Kawasumi: Development and Locational Characteristics of Suburban Residential
Area in Modern Kyoto: A Case Study of Omuro-Komatsuno-Machi
Rika Yamamoto: A Study on the Actual Operation of the Act on Reconstruction of Cities
that Formerly Served as Naval Ports
Norifumi Kawahara: The Japanese Canadian Fishermen History of Immigration Study
and the Problem in the Historical Geography
Haruto Murakami: Kujirajima as Seen in Imagawa Ryōshun’s Travelogue, Michiyukiburi
―Whale Migration in the Seto Inland Sea―