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Job hunting in Japan

The best tip for successful job hunting in Japan is to develop your Japanese language proficiency as high as possible. It is common that even foreign owned corporations in Japan require you to have a certain Japanese language level since their customers are mainly Japanese.

Job-hunting in Japan usually begins when students are in the third year of their undergraduate studies or first year of their master's program. In order to be able to spend as much time as possible job-hunting, it is important to have gained as many credits as possible by this time and to have saved sufficient funds to support their job-hunting activities. You are required to pass applicant screenings, written examinations and job interviews to successfully find employment in Japan. You need to be well prepared for each step.

Also, you need to stick to the programmed schedule on the timely manner in Japanese-style job hunting, otherwise you will miss job opportunities. You can find a guidebook outlining the Japanese job hunting process and what you need to prepare in the process on the website below.

Job Hunting Guide for International Students 2021