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  • Application Guidelines

    Application Guidelines

    The application guidelines and application forms can be downloaded from here.

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  • Admission Guidance Fair

    Admission Guidance Fai

    Visit here for the admission fair information.

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  • Graduate Student Career Path Support Center

    Graduate Student Career Path Support Center

    The center offers various supports for graduate students’ career development.

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  • Career Center

    Career Center

    The center offers supports for Master’s students.

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  • Scholarships


    There are various scholarships available for international students.

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  • Researchers’ Database

    Researchers’ Database

    The research achievements and researchers data of the University can be found here.

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  • Graduate Schools

    Graduate Schools

    Ritsumeikan University has 20 graduate schools, which consist of Graduate Schools based on their colleges, Inter-Faculty Graduate Schools and Professional Graduate Schools.

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