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Haruyuki Shimada

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Haruyuki Shimada

The covid-19 pandemic of 2020 has provided all universities with an opportunity to reconsider their significance and role as educational and research institutions. Under such circumstances, the Graduate School of International Relations of Ritsumeikan University launched its new curriculum in the 2021 academic year. Our graduate school has been admitting more students from not only Asia but also Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and North and Latin America year by year. In response to this trend, we have decided to increase the number of classes delivered in English. This is one of the characteristics of the new curriculum. In addition, this must be a good chance for Japanese language-based students to enhance their English skills and expand their horizons.

International organizations, the governmental sector, private sector, civil society groups, and research and educational institutions, these are the professional sectors our graduates are engaged in, using the skills and knowledge they gained in this graduate school. Moreover, you are provided with not only courses but also various academic and practical opportunities on and off-campus, which will help you realize your potential. We, the faculty and administrative staff, will make our best efforts to support you. These, however, are opportunities only you can take. Whether you can, or will, be able to find high value in our graduate school depends on your own efforts and mindset. Graduate students are required to be more self-reliant and act independently. We really hope that applicants who can realize this and can devote themselves to research will join us.


Publications by the The International Studies Association of Ritsumeikan University

Ritsumeikan Kokusai Kenkyu / The Ritsumeikan Journal of International Studies
Kokusaikankei Ronsyu (Wabun Ronsyu)
Ritsumeikan Annual Review of International Studies (Eibun Ronsyu)

In these thesis collections, PhD students as well as International Relations professors report their research results.

Working paper series

Working paper series is an opportunity for presenting study results as well as showing active research work of the school by faculty, graduate students and researchers. Since the implementation of the graduate school GP program, we have been supporting and encouraging submissions from graduate students as well as from PhD students.

Report on the External Evaluation Results